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Reflow Oven Chain Lubrication

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 13 22:19:28 EDT 2002 | mikestringer

Hi Everyone What lubricants do your maintenance people use for the chains in your Reflow ovens? The manuals for our ovens have one recommendation - but I am always open to other people�s experiences and recommendations. Another option may be easie

Foam Fluxer - Porous Cylinder

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 27 14:21:11 EST 2002 | MA/NY DDave

Hi DaveF, Thanks a Good to Great approach. I would still recommend getting another one, just in case. I am never too sure about how anyone follows procedures and maybe the start up just won't go well for some reason and you don't want to piddle a

RMA vs No clean

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 16 15:16:52 EST 2003 | Mike Konrad

You are comparing apples to oranges. No-clean fluxes, because they are designed not to be cleaned off after reflow, contain very low solids. Normally, no-cleans have a solids content of 2% - 5%. Your basic RMA has a solids content of 15% to 30% (s

Scrapped Boards

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 23 16:48:23 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi "If a PCB board is scrapped because it contains faults that cannot be repaired or it has been damaged, we currently quarantine them for a period of time. Once this period of time has passed the boards are then disposed." Sounds Good, Usually thi

Low VOC stencil cleaning fluid

Electronics Forum | Tue May 20 12:20:58 EDT 2003 | billschreiber

Hello Mike, We have just sent out the press releases. 440-R SMT Detergent, the only chemistry to complete the EPA's Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program, as part of the Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaning Process, is now available for use i

Coatings to prevent water ingress

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 03 13:01:16 EDT 2003 | Ramanandkini

We have some experience in manual application of conformal coating using a brush that too for small circuits espceially on the soldered pads. We use Chase corporation's Humuseal 2A64. This passes high humidity tests. I am also in touch with Lackwere

Use and Restrictions of solder containing lead

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 03 12:24:50 EDT 2003 | blnorman

I have received information from the European Commissioners Environmental group that automotive electronics are not covered by WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment 2002/96/EC) or RoHS (reduction of hazardous substances 2002/95/EC) because

Use and Restrictions of solder containing lead

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 05 16:44:19 EDT 2003 | blnorman

The data we have is from an IBM report. Below 100�C the SAC reliability is almost double that of SnPb (-40 to 100�C thermal cycle). When the upper end temp is increased to 125�C the reliability drops to 75% of SnPb. I'd like to see the data that s

Another Lead Free question ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 10 08:27:18 EDT 2003 | davef

Q1: Suppose I want to qualify a SMT product for lead free, do I need to use a lead free solder paste or any other normal solder paste will do ? A1: Today, most solder pastes contain lead [Pb]. Q2: What are the impact of using a lead free solder past

Tape Reel Sizes -Info needed for research

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 23 14:25:24 EDT 2003 | govi

Hi, I am a grad student workin on SMT placement optimization and i am exploring the possibility of utilizing unused slots and assigning multiple feeder slots for a component type on a chip shooting machine. so far my optimization model has shown very

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