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Solder voids in PTH

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 19 15:34:20 EDT 2007 | davef

What are you trying to do: * Improve hole fill? * Reduce PTH voiding? Hole fill: Search the fine SMTnet Archives for stuff like: http://www.smtnet.com/forums/Index.cfm?CFApp=1&Message_ID=36063 PTH voiding: Ideally, there are no voids. We're unawar

BGA Reflow Profile

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 30 10:30:24 EDT 2007 | wayne123

how many layer board is it? what kinda temperatures is your oven currently hitting. In our reflow oven I have been using a profile that is the same for the top and bottom at zone 1 111C zone 2 at 164C zone 3 at 161C zone 4 at 208C and zone 5 at 2

Using Isopropyl alcohol as flux thinner

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 18:08:37 EST 2007 | samir

That's when you give that "Supervisor" a tall glass of SHUT THE F*CK UP. I betcha you regret even mentioning it to him. I'd have just made up some techno-babble and switched it regardless. Told him something like - "pure IPA will act as a catlyst

error 117:Overflow on CSM84

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 03 14:53:54 EST 2007 | jmelson

Well, it mostly does. The explanation and how-to-fix fields of the error chart do contain some howlingly bad translations. But, the how to fix field said the management info needed to be cleared. Once I understood they meant the MIS statistical dat

Panasonic p&p programming

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 06 14:59:50 EST 2007 | ch

Hi All! Thinking about purchasing 2nd user Panasonic p&p machines (CM88s-M1 or MSR series...) but I didn�t know anything about it�s programming. So, I wonder do I have to use any off-line software by anyway or it is possible just to load centroid dat

Dirty Reflow oVens.

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 12 11:28:06 EDT 2008 | gregoryyork

Lead Free is probably worse as it contains something like 25% more flux by volume than Leaded. But is unusual as No Clean organics usually volatise off and rosins are non volatile so should not accumulate readily unless mixing with other gases in the

SN100C + phosphorus

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 15:20:38 EST 2008 | davef

SN100C contains no phosphorus. It has a dross rate equal or lower than tin-lead solder, where as SAC drosses at 2 to 3 times the dross rate of tin-lead solder. Addition of solder dross inhibitors, such as phosphorus, can be effective inhibitors of

Removing Markings from Devices

Electronics Forum | Thu May 01 23:46:55 EDT 2008 | lellis

Revealing trade secrets to achieve what a company can do to make money is a "touchy" situation. Especially on a forum where people are asking for help. Our company has the capability to remove your markings, and reapply them in several techniques.

MY19 Feeder advance problem slot 2

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 04 00:28:27 EDT 2008 | chrispy1963

There are a couple of things that you can do. First thing to do is take a flashlight and shine it in the card edge connector of slot 2 and see if a passive component or any other part worked its way into that slot. This will cause multiple leads in

Rollback the Lead-Free Initiative by Dr. Howard Johnson

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 09 18:36:08 EDT 2008 | jmelson

Just to clarify, I tried to read a summary of the Oko institute report, but it was in some word processor format I wasn't quite compatible with. But, I did get some of it. It appeared to restrict ANY use of nickel (couldn't tell if that was in allo

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