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NADCAP and thermocouple calibration

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 07 16:55:03 EDT 2013 | hegemon

And to my knowledge, there is no calibration of Thermocouples. They can only be checked for their continuity and resistive value. The question would appear to be invalid.

Inspection and splicing

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 21 08:34:03 EDT 2007 | rgduval

We have the same problems with cut/tape parts. But, we specialize in short-run prototypes, so I don't have much of a choice but to deal with it, and find a way to make it as easy as possible. We just demo'd a splice tool from Sierra Electronics (ww

wave pallets and titanium

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 13 18:39:19 EST 2007 | mefloump

I do not know who George uses, but we use Ascentec Engineering for our wave pallets. I have no association with them other than they make an excellent product that we continually go to, to get new fixtures from. They can be contacted at (503) 925-194

Board Stacking and Conveying

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 26 09:41:03 EDT 2018 | fuji_user_2014

Hi Gurus, Looking for alternatives to line makeup after reflow oven. Currently, I have a continuous on flat belt conveying out of my reflow oven straight to an EOL bench. The operator manually picks up the board off the belt (there is a roller at t

Manncorp Pick and Place

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 03 09:44:10 EDT 2014 | isd_jwendell

I have 2 experiences with Manncorp machines and support, both were not good. Example: One manual was written in Japanese. I requested an English version, but was told it doesn't exist so too bad. I had to pay a local translator to get what Manncorp

Board Stacking and Conveying

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 26 16:58:53 EDT 2018 | solderingpro

Is there anything stopping you from replacing the flat belt solution to a continuous running steel roller chain conveyor? - From there (depending upon board temperature) you should be able to buffer your boards in a vertical buffer station if neede

Re: Intelliplace and Europlacer

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 03 11:01:03 EST 1998 | Walter Cole

Hi Scott, I am a regional manager for Multitroniks and would be glad to assist you with additional information on the systems you are asking about. Both of these machines can be demonstrated for you any time at our factory in Warren, NJ. Below I'l

Equipment and Product Certification

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 28 12:05:12 EDT 2015 | davef

“The global automotive industry demands world class levels of product quality, productivity and competitiveness as well as continual improvement. To achieve this goal many vehicle manufacturers insist that suppliers are certified to the quality manag

SMT and TH board carrier

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 27 10:25:52 EDT 1999 | Matthew Park

Is it feasible to have one type of board carriers to take boards thru 1) glue curing process for first side and 2)invert carriers with boards, and 3)reflowing second side, and 4) do manual stuffing of th components and 5) take them thru selective wav

New Pick and Place Operation

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 04 16:00:52 EDT 2004 | bpan

I would never take it personal but my experience with the equipment has just been very GOOD. Just a note......I have known many former field service engineers who couldnt fix a thing....but thought they could.......and were too proud to ask for help

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