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Re: dpmo

Electronics Forum | Wed May 17 17:21:18 EDT 2000 | Michael Parker

Paul- Start with apples to apples comparison. What world class product are you building that would benefit from a benchmark comparison? Other than that, if you are just starting then crunch the numbers, find the highest values, do continuous improvem

Remove,Re-ball then Re-use BGA safely !!!

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 01 21:03:15 EDT 2002 | ianchan

Dason: Hi mate, Could you help clarify this abit? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ we found component weight will reduce more than 50% of the moisture weight after place in the cabinet with 55C and less than 5 % for 48 hours ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Black pad defect

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 12 17:41:18 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi, Gee David F is as bad or as good as me on a bad day. Boy can I get mad... "new information" Many of these defects have been around so dang long and seem to get recycled as the latest rage and the newest of new information in technical articles

how to achieve 500ppm?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 14 15:03:15 EDT 2005 | slthomas

In that the machine times out and waits for a feeder refill and doesn't just skip that part and leave the space empty, it's not a defect. I have found 500ppm *fairly* easily attained in SMT depending on the board mix and how you define (1) a defect,

through hole questions

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 20 15:21:54 EST 2014 | warwolf

We process an average of 300 units per batch with spikes to 750, we can sustain about two to three people populating to maintain good quality/throughput. Part placement is broken up equally to reduce operator stress(usually a limit of 5 different pa

Faducials on feeders

Electronics Forum | Wed May 22 10:27:33 EDT 2002 | stefwitt

Fiducial recognition on the Siemens machine works like the Mydata. Once you select this option, fiducials will be recognized when a new program is send. You can also select recognition as part of the feeder refill function mode. There is no automatic

Solder Paste Inspection

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 02 10:06:28 EST 2007 | oldsmtdude

Agilent SP50 rocks for continuous improvement and pass-fail efforts. You'll see variation you never imagined you had prior. But be aware you absolutely have to monitor data and tweak your processes to improve results. Do not jump in and try and use

help our school

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 23:34:43 EDT 2001 | uk boy

I studied in the UK, so I am not sure about the US educational system. My mate studied at the Illinois Institute of Technology and he is a much smarter than me so I guess you Yanks are doing something right! ;-) I agree mostly with davef. Theory

Re: SMT links

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 24 14:23:53 EDT 1998 | Cunli Jia @ SMTnet

Dave, Greg, and All, Thank you for the comment. As you know, we do think we are the best and we owe our reputation to you, our visitors. We will continue to improve the site with more features and ease of use. One thing is for sure, we can always

Selective Solder machines

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 06 10:41:35 EST 2012 | PB

We own two KISS 305 machines from ACE. Extremely happy with the machine. More so, with thier support. The support is the best from any vendor I deal with which is a critical part of our operations. Another thing is thier continuing R & D work. They

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