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Wave Soldering - Icicling/Bridges

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 31 14:35:48 EST 2003 | russ

I would go for the laminar flow as opposed to N2. The contour nozzle doesn't really work all that well even with N2. I knew I should of asked you if you had a contour, I was thinking laminar flow hence the dynamics input. Russ

Nitrogen wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 13 08:28:47 EST 2003 | pjc

Call 1-800-737-8110 for tech support. They can give you the N2 supply specs for the 650C. You should consider the cost to convert the Contour to a standard Lambda vs. the cost to bring in N2 and the consumable costs. Tech Support can give you the ret

Re: Dross limiting solutions

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 20 09:31:02 EST 1998 | Chrys Shea

| Can anyone tell me any posible ways to help cut down on solder dross in an inert environment wave???? Any suggestions would be helpful. It depends on how the environment is inerted. Is it a hood, tunnel, or boundary (Electrovert Contour) system?

Printing On Aluminum

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 20 09:23:34 EDT 2003 | caldon

Hi John- Maybe I am miss reading this but I can not see where a Screen instead of a stencil will benefit you. Is the thinking the screen is plyable enough to contour to the surface?

Re: Describe term A wave

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 15 15:21:24 EST 1998 | Chrys

| SMTneters, | I'm famialiar with lambda, omega, and gemini waves but not with "A" wave. Can somebody give me an explanation? | | thanks | | Tom B. | Tom, The term "A" wave refers to an asymetrical wave. It's an Electrovert term that describes

Re: BGA on Fuji IP2 Tray MFU

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 04 01:01:33 EDT 2000 | Ramot Avichai

Hello Daniel !! You can use a stick vibrator for BGA on IP2 machine. Make a slider in the right shape, and put insert the BGA as a regular component. For the part data use only the contour of the component (ignore the balls). I can asure you that the

bulbous joint

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 19 13:43:01 EST 2004 | northern

What would cause this? Too much pre-heat, not enough, too much dwell, not enough? I am staying within the flux specs for preheat and can't seem to affect it much. Can board/parts contamination lead to this? I think that is a reach but I'm runnin out

Dross Eliminator

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 14 13:21:32 EDT 2006 | John S.

We've just conducted an MS2 study, and we found very little improvement. We run N2 inerted contour waves (E-vert). It seems that if you use N2 and a dross reclaim agent (Kleenox) then you may not see as much improvement. What types of waves are yo

IPC-A-610 interpretation of wetting angle (Chapter5)

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 12 09:20:22 EDT 2017 | stefan110882

Hello everyone, I would like to know how you interpret the wetting angle in chapter 5. What is meant with: "...solder contour extending over the edge of the solderable termination area or solder mask..." Thanks ps I know what a solder mask is.

Re: Vectra Wave

Electronics Forum | Fri May 05 11:58:25 EDT 2000 | John Sims

We are using NR300F from Alpha. Topside board temp is 220 deg. F. We have 3 bottom side convection preheaters, and we use a foaming fluxer. The machine (except for the rotary chip wave) is almost identical to the old econopak. An electrovert appl

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