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Production Management for micro small firms

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 27 22:03:48 EDT 2012 | davef

Here's some notes I've collected over the years on the topic ... Small MRP * I havent used it [DBA Manufacturing] yet but I do find myself keep coming back to it - I have been searching for a decent ERP system for my micro company for years. What I

Micro Leadless Frame - solder wetting control

Electronics Forum | Wed May 08 23:18:58 EDT 2002 | ianchan

Hi mates, have this SMT production issue : A) We have a leadless-chip-carrier(LCC) IC package that is classified under the Land-Grid-Array(LGA) package family. B) The LCC is 4mm x 4mm, and has 28 tin plated pads located beneath the outside perimet

Inline pcb laser etcher

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 21 22:37:07 EDT 2014 | acdc

Check out Control Micro Systems based out of Florida. They are solely dedicated to pcb laser etching.

Samsung CP20

Electronics Forum | Tue May 20 04:34:59 EDT 2014 | sarason

Well that would be a response from the VME bus. Is the PCBoard, the only controller on the buss, or is there a second controller that talks to interface boards etc. If so you might just have a problem with the second controller. Check the control sig

PCBoard Marking

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 06 10:04:54 EDT 2001 | blnorman

We have started switching all our PCB marking from labels to Laser marking. We have a silkscreen patch put on the boards then use a CO2 laser to burn the mark off to produce the barcode. Our marking downtime has gone from an average of 8 hours a we

Barcoding PCB's

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 30 10:28:29 EDT 2007 | blnorman

I'd also recommend Control Micro Systems;4420 Metric Drive; Winter Park, Florida. We've been using one of their CO2 lasers for years to put a 2D code on our PCBs. 2D will save a lot of room and I'm told you can store more data. The laser drastical

X-Ray Tube/Controller Question

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 05 14:52:18 EST 2004 | toddlamarche

Hi, Can you tell what model system this is for? Hamamatsu tubes are not easy to come by as a rule unless they are new. How much are you looking to spend? The new 130kV Hama tubes go for ~$25K. Are you sure that the controller and the tube are bo

I need a pcb cutting machine for separating the aluminum board

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 31 09:11:56 EDT 2017 | davef

Try: * YUSH Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd [http://www.pcbpunchingmachine.com/product-833.html ] * Asc Electronics & Technology Co., Ltd. [http://www.ddfcc.com/sell-1988453-v-cutting-machine-for-aluminum-board-fr4-singulating-pre-scored-pcba-asc-509

screen printer from MPM

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 29 08:54:46 EST 2003 | pjc

SPM is superior. SPM has larger print area, up to 20� x 19", vs. 17.7� x 15.7� for the UltraPrint 100. UP100 is microprocessor controlled while the SPM has a PC. The SPM cameras can be positioned more rapidly and with greater accuracy than UP100's.

Drawing / BOM Revisions

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 02 12:57:38 EDT 2019 | aaronhodge

Hello All, I am a few months in with a new employer, spending much of my time with AS9102B First Article Inspections. This company is a Micro-Chip and PCA OEM but also designs, develops and manufactures products for a handful of customers, as well.

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