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SMT control management software

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 29 06:57:13 EDT 2015 | jlawson

Valor MSS has options for NPI Data preparation and processing, SMT programming, documentation, verification, materials management, traceability, and QA management not just in SMT but into backend process aka manual assembly as well as production plan


Electronics Forum | Thu May 12 20:18:57 EDT 2005 | davef

Your customer knows what's correct, but we'd expect a unique FMEA for each process used in the quality plan and control plans to mitigate issues identified in the FMEA.

Ionograph testing

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 02 11:11:01 EDT 2004 | tberkey

I am running no clean boards for automotive applications. We have continued to use a cleanliness test as part of our control plan.I am wondering if anyone has been able to eliminate the cleanliness test due to the use of no clean materials?

ITAR and AS9100...like peas and carrots?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 12 23:03:05 EDT 2009 | davef

Here's a boiler plate ITAR control plan http://www.cfisac.org/Resource/tcp.doc

Product Traveler

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 10 09:13:24 EDT 2005 | davef

The US automotive industry developed QS-9000. Look here: http://www.niubis.com/Quality/QMS.pdf Within that program is a set of tools and templates. It's possible that their "Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan (APQP)" could help in

SMT Production Floor & Component Store/ware house RH Control

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 23 11:37:13 EST 2007 | electronhose

Here in the Great White North, the best way to check our CM's compliance with the ESD 20.20 is to take a couple months worth of data during heating season and graph it against the outside temp swings. You can easily see how the HVAC system keeps up,

Automated Conformal Coating Process Control

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 07 07:56:54 EST 2006 | amol_kane

Hi, I have a PVA conformal coating machine. Does anyone out there have a method to control the process once it is in the automated mode? my problem is that eventually the coating gets into the keep out areas a little bit and causes issues. is anyone

Re: Controlled TempHumidity rooms

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 09 14:36:26 EST 1998 | Earl Moon

| Hi, I know for sure that by controlling temp. and humidity | conditions in SMT assy lines room, one gets advantage in | screen printing, adhesive dispensing, and pick&place | machines mainteinance. Does any one have any advice on why | else is a c


Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 27 03:06:35 EST 1998 | Vanessa Munoz

I am just implementing a Statistical Process Control to the SMD. A few simple questions: 1. Is it necessary to perform a sampling plan for suppliers inspection? 2. What are the basical points to control ourself and inspection at a supplier? I mean th

Windows NT GUI vs. A web browser interface

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 30 10:57:04 EST 1998 | Steve Evers

Windows NT graphic user interfaces for equipment abound. Companies seem to have standardized on Windows NT for every thing from reflow ovens to pick and place systems. But why? How badly would someone be "bucking the trend" if they manufactured a

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