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MCS 30 controller

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 23 22:01:15 EDT 2006 | smtek_cc

My friend just purchased a MCS30 controller(A) recently, but this controller doesn't have the error code file in the system. If I can find another normal functioning MCS30 controller(B), how can I extract the error file from it(B) and what is the pr

ProSmt+ Fuji controller

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 13 17:42:10 EDT 2009 | peteb

Hi, does anyone have experience with this software? Pros cons Vs. F4G or MCS. Any input would be appreciated.

ProSmt+ Fuji controller

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 30 05:55:51 EDT 2009 | dataline

Hi Jerry, If you want to make upgrade, pls. visit website and download new upgrade to your ProSmt+ software, or better and easier let me know, than we prapare new set for you (free of charge). There is no bugs and lot of new functions in the latest

ProSmt+ Fuji controller

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 17 16:21:20 EDT 2009 | gregf912

I have not played with ProSMT software but I have used both MCS and F4G. MCS was good for its time, 15-20 years ago, but F4G is much better and easier to use. The windows interface works well and F4G and has optimizers for Cp, IP, QP machines. F4G wa

ProSmt+ Fuji controller

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 16 07:40:06 EDT 2009 | jdengler

Hi Pete, For the price the ProSmt+ is good. I do not have much experience with F4G but do with MCS. It very easy to use with a few exceptions. The PD editor on ProSMT+ is buggy. If you copy a PD edit it and save it under a new name it's lnked so

Samsung CP45FV NEO controller SBC

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 23 08:50:41 EDT 2021 | sophyluo1985

Tell GOLDLAND about your problem, they are very familiar with Samsung devices and may be able to help you sales07@feedersupplier.com

Samsung CP45FV NEO controller SBC

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 25 17:21:04 EDT 2021 | davef

Why doesn't Goldland join the Forum and contribute something that we all can use and help establish itself as a knowledgeable and generous contributor?

Samsung CP45FV NEO controller SBC

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 02:51:30 EDT 2021 | sophyluo1985

We are always there, and all forum participants are very welcome to ask questions and contribute to SMT. We will try our best to help anyone who needs it

Samsung CP45FV NEO controller SBC

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 21 10:38:10 EDT 2021 | bukas

I got Samsung CP45FV NEO with Cognex 1063200006110P single board computer. This machine had about 10 data corruption problems in past two years on both classic ATA and industrial ATA SSDs. I suspect there may be something wrong with Cognex card and t

new reflow oven controller for toaster oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 27 22:16:16 EDT 2007 | the silicon horizon

www.thesiliconhorizon.com turn your toaster oven into a SMD reflow oven! this controller can be standalone with LCD and keypad, or through USB with our free software! change pid gains, profiles, program to controller, print graphs and much much mo

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