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Mydata Lift motor 2 amplifier error

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 15 10:21:30 EDT 2015 | azdback

troubleshooting a table lift error on MY12. Error code: F-MOT_Releaseboard conveyor lift/1304. Basically, the table got stuck on the up position. Also bench tested both lift motors and they are ok.Rotated the lift motors manually to test the encoder

Universal conveyor help

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 29 19:45:23 EDT 2011 | edwaterfall01

The conveyor is programmed to turn off the belts and go into an error condition after 30 seconds if the board has not passed the output sensor on the conveyor. The intent is to indicate a board jam and prevent damage to the board or belts. On convey

reversing Heller conveyor travel

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 09 11:50:44 EDT 2001 | Marc Peo

Hello Darby! Mike is correct in saying that reversing the conveyor can be done but the position of the cooling zone would be troublesome. I am guessing that you are looking at a left to right machine that you would like to run right to left or vice

Re: Universal GSM/Response No. 2

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 02 07:26:50 EDT 1998 | smd

I didn't use my real name because I don't want to get bombed with phone calls and emails. We are an OEM looking to put in a SMT line soon. Is this GSM a decent machine? How much does it cost? | | Also and info on decent screen printers and reflo

Reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 24 04:23:56 EDT 2006 | TA

Hello guys, I am Looking for a oven with the following specifications. Can any one suggest me the best suitable model. Thanks ========================================================== - heating length 2500mm - zone top/bottom 7 - forced convection

Philips Topaz - conveyor motor doesn't work

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 31 15:21:04 EDT 2015 | zombee

Dear Users! I have a Topaz pick&place machine, but the conveyor motor is not working. 1st test - production: Start production in "operation" menu: if I put the PCB the entrace of machine, the assembly head-bank picks up the first 8 components (prec

Heller Oven communication error

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 05 08:06:39 EST 2010 | rgduval

Rob, Had that issue early on when we hooked up our Heller. For us, the problem turned out to be the serial communications port on the computer. I can't say we had the black screen, but, we had comm errors. I'd check the following: 1. Cable betwe

Conceptronics oven reflow problems

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 08 16:43:43 EST 2004 | Dean

Unless your machine (internal) thermocouples are each calibrated and compensated no two machines will deliver eactly the same results. Here are your challenges: 1. Data acquisition equipment A-D converter errors 2. PCB measurement thermocouple (t

Re: Reflow oven feedback

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 05 16:54:53 EST 1998 | Brian Stumm @ ETS, LLC

Not sure if you are open to looking at additional vendors but if you are we would love to compete for your business. Go to our web site then call or e-mail me for additional information. Sincerely, Brian Stumm Thermal processing consultant Reflow an

Re: Batch reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 22 15:05:52 EST 1999 | Scott

| | | | Looking for a company that makes a small batch reflow oven. Not a belt-style convection oven, but a cabinet style that can 125 c to 150 c. | | | | | | | | Thank you | | | | | | | TRY GE I HAVE ONE AT HOME THAT COOKES PRETY DARN GOOD. And i

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