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BTU VIP speed configuration

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 01 09:56:57 EDT 2021 | richardcargill

Update - Solved On talking with BTU they mentioned that if the conveyor is always running full speed then cleaning out the motor brush area with compressed air will cure it. I'm guessing that the carbon dust had encroached onto the encoder. A good b

BTU VIP speed configuration

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 29 07:19:22 EDT 2021 | richardcargill

Thanks for the file, it explains pretty much everything we needed. It would seem we have more problems than just that now, I've got the conveyor physically running at about 18 i/m but the Actual speed display on the screen reckons it's several hund

Omniflow 7 conveyor

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 21:19:08 EST 2007 | Jnet

I believe the drive of the conveyor whether rail or belt is the same so the sprocket choice in the software would effect belt or rail conveyor speed. I would make sure the number of teeth match the sprocket selection in the software.

Omniflow 7 conveyor

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 15 13:49:09 EST 2007 | leemeyer

Hello all, I am having some trouble with the conveyor speed on an Omniflow 7 reflow oven. Recent profiling showed that the conveyor was running to slow so I calibrated the speed using the instructions in the manual. After calibration there was no ch

Omniflo 5 conveyor

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 28 04:49:39 EST 2006 | AR

All's well that end's well: I replaced the Dart speed controller card and the problem disappeared completely. But no harm in giving the chains and the rails a thorough scrub although they weren't the culprit in this case. Many thanks to everyone for

Omniflow 7 conveyor

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 15 19:21:08 EST 2007 | SWAG

Not sure if this has any bearing on the problem but did you check to see that T2 and T3 are jumped on the speed control board per the first note in the prodedure?

Topaz conveyor not working

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 05 09:11:11 EST 2019 | slayervv

The conveyor on our Topaz runs for about a second then stops. Turning on conveyor manually does the same thing. While conveyor is turned on manually, disconnecting and reconnecting 208AC at connection board starts the conveyor for a second then it

Omniflo 5 conveyor

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 20 06:21:42 EST 2006 | AR

Have a problem with Omniflo 5 (-97 vintage) pin chain conveyor. Occasionally the conveyor stops for a second or two, then makes a slight jerk, then stops again, makes a jerk etc. Then suddenly the problem goes away only to return next day (we switch

Omniflow 7 conveyor

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 15 16:14:15 EST 2007 | leemeyer

This is a used oven, new to us. No product has been setup on it yet. We were establishing som baseline profiles and noticed that the actual profile read didn't even come close to our optimal profile. Further investigation proved that the belt was to

Electrovert omniflow 10 speed control fail

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 29 01:29:29 EDT 2013 | aemery

If your current problem with the conveyor speed was caused by the SMEMA issue, maybe you have a Board #1 problem. The SMEMA communicates to the computer through Board #1. The input signal from the speed encoder and the output analog voltage to the

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