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Siemens Siplace F5 conveyor system works sporadically.

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 12 04:48:51 EST 2018 | oxygensmd

Yes, I think the same. The K2 relay will be the problem. As I remember there is one contactor which is identically the same but not used. Put the conveyor to the other one.

Siemens Siplace F5 conveyor system works sporadically.

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 15 10:55:28 EST 2018 | youngbuck

Kristof_k I put it to the other open spot 33,34 on the K2 relay,and it now works consistently Thanks for your help, I appreciate it! - Ryan

Siemens Siplace F5 conveyor system works sporadically.

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 08 22:44:59 EST 2018 | youngbuck

Hi, Was wondering if anybody has any experience with F5 with the conveyors will work sporadically. If I put a board on the input sensor in which it sees it will work, the next 5 minutes it won't work. Could this relate to the K2 relay, if so does any

Omniflo 5 conveyor

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 20 08:36:30 EST 2006 | jdengler

I've never had this problem on an Omniflo oven, but have seen it on others. It has always turned out to be mechanical. A bearing going bad or FOD in the rails. I would pull the chains and carefully check each link of both chains, all of the bearin

splicing conveyor belting

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 06 18:24:34 EDT 2003 | pjc

what type of belt is it and what material is it? round belt, flat belt, etc... if its from a PCB transport conveyor or other PCB handling system, I recommend you contact the OEM. I have spliced belts before- rubber round belt off old Fuji loader and

L type conveyor

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 10 11:32:04 EDT 2005 | davef

Conveyor equipment suppliers are: * FlexLink Systems, Inc.; 6580 Snowdrift Rd; Allentown PA 18106; 610 973-8230 F 610-973-8345 http://www.flexlink.com * JOT Automation Inc.; 1201 S. Beltline Rd.; Coppell TX 75019; 972 393-5564 Fax 972-745-9013 http:

Omniflo 5 conveyor

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 27 11:03:06 EST 2006 | mapell

Tribol 1430 is the latest generation oil, 930 can't take lead free temps. Please see the following link.... http://www.castrol.com/castrol/productdetailmin.do?categoryId=82958955&contentId=6004371 If your getting alot smoke and residue, reduce the

DEK conveyor belt

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 14 15:26:06 EDT 2020 | dekhead

Not as straightforward a question as you might think... due to the multiple rail systems (at least 4) used on Europa. But what you seem to be describing is the single stage conveyor, which uses same belt as used on the GSX, and majority of Horizon /

Looking for Wave-Exit conveyor belt(ESD, heat dissipative, flux)

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 14:27:57 EST 2003 | Pete C

FlexLink purchased PCT Automation Systems Corp. http://www.flexlink.com/

Vapor Phase Ovens

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 31 06:22:05 EST 2020 | tamasmagyar

Hi chapeshiel, I had at my former workplace 2 pcs Rehm oven with vacuum system, and did not work properly. Loads of hours of downtime with servicing because the conveyor system is separated in the vacuum area from the main conveyor system, and the t

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