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Inline SMT brand conveyor

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 30 08:01:28 EST 2010 | edmaya33

Conveyor Technologies may be the solution.We've been using this for 10 years and come up with the various sizes and configuration that suits your needs. Being a less maintenace is an added factor.

SMT/ PCT edge conveyor replacement belts

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 07 13:38:06 EST 2007 | ehess

Does anyone kbnow where I can find replacement belts for the old PCT (Process control Technologies) conveyors?

Conveyors and bar code

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 25 08:12:16 EDT 2006 | davef

Leading conveyor manufacturers are ATI, Conveyor Technology, Crown Simplimatic, Dynapace, Flextek, Fuji, Jot, Kanetic, Panasonic, and Process Control.


Electronics Forum | Thu May 20 12:05:12 EDT 2004 | Rob

I got one sitting in my room that is not being used. It meets SMEMA standards and is from Conveyor Technologies Model# REF-CC-1M-1-BR. If you are interested, I can put you in contact with someone who can talk with you...

Process Control Technologies Board Loader Info

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 27 12:03:00 EDT 2003 | haviland

Hi David--Call Terry Jeglum @ Electronic Technologies, (630) 584-2050. He is up to speed on all the conveyor guys alive and dead. He also has some used units available. Nick Haviland.

Re: who makes the best conveyor??

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 08 21:56:41 EDT 2000 | Thomas Ravener

There are many available: Simplimatic Process Control Technology (PCT) JOT PMJ Bosch Dynapace Nutek Applied Conveyor Engineering (ACE) A wholly owned division of Universal Instruments and made for UIC integration of their products. This is just but

Wave information

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 12 22:14:42 EST 2005 | davef

�a va Frank? Well, popularity depends on the beholder. Never heard of your "Specnor" machine. US and Eurolanders take different approaches to conveying boards. * US: Finger conveyors * Eurolanders: Pallet conveyors Suppliers of wave solder machin

Trident - Westkleen

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 05 23:34:32 EST 2012 | aqueous

Typical conveyor speeds on leaded alloys and OA flux is 2 FPM. Typical conveyor speeds on lead-free alloys and OS flux is 0.5 FPM. Temperature should be 140 F. Most polypropylene inlines cleaners should not exceed 140 F. -Mike Konrad Aqueous Technol

Assembly Technology Expo 2000

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 26 18:14:19 EDT 2001 | Andy

Doug, This could be our KS100 or KS50. We have a bank of cameras mounted above a conveyor. We're based in Minneapolis. I don't want to flood the board with advertising so if you need any info, please email me. Andy

PCB Bar-Code Scanners

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 17 18:45:07 EDT 2004 | russ

Get ahold of symbol technologies. They have scanners that you can mount to anything. You should be able to mount it on a conveyor with a bracket that allows you to slide it back and forth and rotate as required in about 10 sec. Russ

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