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Why soldering in SMT called as reflow.

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 23 10:35:46 EST 2004 | Primus

That one is too obvious. Also shows a twinge of irritation. Somewhat too serious. I like my creative answer better. But in the end does it really matter? I just call it "cooked." We cook boards. 'Nuff said.


Electronics Forum | Thu May 20 16:00:12 EDT 2004 | mrmaint

Doug, If you are worried about cooking the board. Take a know profile and either reduce the heat in each zone or increase the belt speed.This should keep you from cooking the board. then adjust the profilr to the board from there. MrMaint

SMT Disasters

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 07 22:34:29 EDT 2008 | davef

Me?? Six figures?? You're the one cooking those expensive Pop-Tarts, mame.

General SMT Question

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 24 14:18:35 EST 2008 | evtimov

Orian, just don't put it in the oven you gonna use to cook in later. Emil

Swine Flu

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 29 16:53:22 EDT 2009 | shrek

I had an employee cook a chicken gizzard in our Electrovert Ultrapak 600C.

Stencil life

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 11:03:42 EDT 2018 | dleeper

When your stencil foil looks like cooked bacon it's time to replace it.


Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 24 21:58:08 EDT 2000 | cklau

Hi; I think what you're looking for is something called "The cook book".The reason that call it that way is b'cos it contains all the needed information and example on how a particular component function in a circuitry.This book contains specificati

Third Party Pick and Place Repair in the Florida Area

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 30 13:43:49 EDT 2004 | Justin

Try Mike Cook. He knows just about every flavor of pick and place machine out there, but his expertise is Universal (UIC). Here is is info: Surface Mount Equipment Services Inc. (561) 883-9886 (561) 504-3812 smeqpsvs@aol.com Tell him Justin at Delt

Re: MRP Software

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 24 07:59:20 EST 1999 | Scott Cook

Jim, If you seek a non-Unix or non-Unix legacy software system, Take a look at pointman / pivot point. Point your browser to http://www.pivotpoint.com/pivotpoint/pointman/index.htm. Scott Cook scook@smtnet.com

Re: Solder Paste for .5mm pitch Repair

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 09 18:27:43 EDT 1999 | Scott Cook

Jim, GREAT to see you post and contribute. Nice to see the forum attracts experts in their field. 'Twas good seeing you at West again, bud. Scott Cook

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