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Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 05:15:46 EST 1999 | Marlies Hanf

Hi. Can someone explain to me what coplanarity is? There are a few rather irritating and contradictory definitions of that term. When leads are coplanar - what are they then? Are they parallel to each other or not? Thanks, Marlies

Re: coplanarity

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 10:09:29 EST 1999 | Karl

CoPlanarity also applies to height.

Re: coplanarity

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 07:03:09 EST 1999 | Chris May

Marlies, The IPC definition, which I think we can trust, says that Coplanarity is defined as lying or acting in the same plane. In other words Coplanarity means no bent legs, pins. Regards, Chris.

Re: coplanarity

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 16 06:59:12 EST 1999 | Calvin Wong

Coplanarity also takes into consideration which is your reference plane. In the case of connectors, you can consider coplanarity between the highest and the lowest lead. Also, you can consider all the connector leads with reference to the connector

Re: coplanarity

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 17 15:11:34 EST 1999 | Alvin Kevichusa

Let's look at it this way... Imagine a multileaded component sitting on a flat surface. If all the leads touch the flat surface, they are all in the same plane (that of the flat surface) and are coplanar. Coplanarity is desirable because if a lead is

BGA coplanarity

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 27 17:13:28 EST 2000 | John K.

As part of an Intel erratum, they changed their BGA coplanarity spec from .006" to .008". The package is 23 X 23 partial array, .050"(1.27) pitch, 1.220"(31) square. We apply paste onto BGA pads with a 6-mil stencil. From a process perspective, sh

Micro BGA coplanarity

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 21 02:45:45 EST 2003 | emeto

Hi, there is one very important thing.How many boards came out with exatly the same problem?

Micro BGA coplanarity

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 21 21:13:03 EST 2003 | iman

Russ, u mean excess flux causes "blow hole" defect?

Re: BGA coplanarity

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 03 12:33:37 EST 2001 | Terry Burnette

John, There is one process issue that occurs with the larger BGA packages which have coplanarity near the high end of the .2mm spec.. The defect is commonly referred to as "ball in cup" and "head in pillow". It is an open solder connection whereby th

Micro BGA coplanarity

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 20 11:57:48 EST 2003 | mdm4ua

I placed a micro bga using flux paste and ran it through my oven and it came out as if someone had pushed down on one side. I can find no reason for this, has anyone ever seen this and how did you fix it?

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