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GF corrupted

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 02 18:30:26 EST 2006 | seth

Does anybody know how to delete corrupted GF from S20 or F4?


Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 25 11:30:56 EST 2009 | rajeshwara

PRODUCT : SET TOP BOXES PROBLEM : Flash Programmed IC ( EEPROM ) Data Corruption. Description : Flash IC Data get corrupted during testing or manufacturing. What is the possibility ? Plz Help.

Samsung CP30V

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 12:08:23 EST 2011 | sajf99

We have a Samsung CP30V component placer; afew days ago the hardisk become corrupted; we replaced the HDD and tried to instal the software we had, but it too is corrupted. Anyone know where we could get replacement software.

Assembleon Machine corrupting disks.

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 12 05:46:15 EDT 2011 | leeg

Has anyone had any experience of an issue we are currently having whereby an Opal XII machine we have is corrupting floppy disks when importing jobs into and out of the machine?

Axis head error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 18 08:57:31 EDT 2005 | tommyttr

It is either the axis card, or the head bd. reporting corrupted data

GF corrupted

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 06 18:28:24 EST 2006 | depera

Seth, What version software are you running? Staion and Programming?

Assembleon Machine corrupting disks.

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 12 06:06:30 EDT 2011 | thanh

that's happen once in awhile, just create a new one.

Assembleon Machine corrupting disks.

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 12 06:11:44 EDT 2011 | leeg

I know and realise that but it is happening very often.

Assembleon Machine corrupting disks.

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 13 10:40:01 EDT 2011 | kahrpr

Check the drive make sure it is not going bad. Also most newer floppy disks are not very reliable.

CP45FV NEO EMER e804 scale of X axis can not be detected

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 27 03:39:49 EST 2018 | bukas

problem solved, it was corrupted system file.

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