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X-Ray counter

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 09:18:55 EST 2023 | tommy_magyar

Hello everyone, there is a recent article published, which states: "X-ray component counters do not damage the components being counted, making them ideal for counting sensitive or expensive components". A couple of years ago I heard a story from a c

reel counter rental

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 12 15:29:24 EDT 2000 | Ryan

Does anybody rent reel counters? We just need a couple to finish up inventory count. I can't think of any personally. -Ryan Jennens

Re: reel counter rental

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 21 12:13:52 EDT 2000 | Ed Bishop

Ryan, I have been requested to reply to your inquery however I am unable to help you with this request. All of our counters are currently in use. Ed Bishop

Mv2c counter overflow error

Electronics Forum | Thu May 21 23:18:22 EDT 2020 | gabriel1blue

After the closing down for a few weeks we encountered a problem with our old pick and place machine. It reset to Japanese but we were able to change it back to English. Not when we start the machine and try to get it back to origin we get a counter o

Which counter should I buy?

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 21 06:29:36 EDT 2021 | semelectronics

Hello, I am looking forward to buy a component counter that will also reel on the spool automatically Could you please recommend something? Maybe someone has one for sale? My price limit is about EUR 1500 Thanks, Best regards

Looking for X-ray component counter

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 15 05:20:21 EDT 2021 | jandon

Does anyone have experience with DAGE Assure, Hawkeye 1000, XRHCount or similar X-ray component counters? I myself have no experience with any X-ray equipment so any kind of feedback is important.

Looking for X-ray component counter

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 22 16:05:34 EDT 2021 | Katie Marzocchi

VJ Electronix has some great counters and the pricing is competitive. There's great info and datasheets here. https://www.vjelectronix.com/smt-inventory-management-with-x-ray-component-counting/

Looking for X-ray component counter

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 18 03:26:08 EDT 2021 | jandon

I am interested in personal experiences, not sales contacts.

Looking for X-ray component counter

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 15 15:03:32 EDT 2021 | kumarb

Hi. Personally do not have experience with this but we are reviewing the purchase of an X-ray system for our line. A tier 1 vendor we have worked with is Seamark that is a popular name in Asia. They offer some X-Ray equipment including a counter tha

Which counter should I buy?

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 21 07:43:48 EDT 2021 | semelectronics

If you have one for sell please let me know via e-mail hardware@sem-electronics.com or phone/whatsapp +48 535 808 059

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