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Piece parts reel counting

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 03 17:50:29 EST 2009 | jesalinas47

This happens on the counting area which it is into warehouse , we are looking for a poka yoke to avoid delivering reels with a wrong quantities , the question is : have you implemented any poka yoke in your warehouse ? how it works ? I could suggest

automated opportunity counting for PPM defective

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 24 13:13:25 EST 2004 | William Rodriguez

Does anyone know of any automated methods/software that can be used to count opportunities for defect?

Piece parts reel counting

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 02 13:03:50 EST 2009 | jesalinas47

Hi , I provide machines to count SMT parts that come on reel , my customer wants to improve his counting method , he is having problems when delivering material to prodution floor , because the number on the reel (physical) is not the same as it is w

Piece parts reel counting

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 10 11:07:48 EST 2009 | Lorena Flores

Hello! I think the point here to have a reliable counting system. No matter if it is given 5000 out of 5000 or 6000 out of 5000. What Jesus means is that there is a problem because the qty that the label says after the reel is counted doesn't match

Production Floorstock - Let's Brainstorm!

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 01 03:36:23 EDT 2010 | sibbe

Dean, As u use intelligent feeders, isn't it possible to let them count the mispicks as well? On our Samsung machines it counts the mispickes, but we don't have intelligent feeders. I could imagine the system of counting mispicks could be connecte

Counting Parts on Cut Tape

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 14 14:24:24 EDT 2013 | bandjwet

If you do protos and feed cut tape in to your machine you will know where this question is coming from...... Is there an easy/faster to "count out" the passive parts when feeding them in to the feeder? It takes a long time and is very tedious to do

Counting cut tape and partial reels

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 18 19:53:29 EDT 2021 | lhd_qa

Hello everyone. I am new to the forum so I am sorry if this has been asked before. Does anyone have any suggestions for counting partial reels and cut tape? We are a distributor and for our ecommerce PDC we keep having quantity issues. Currently, we

Looking for X-ray component counter

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 18 14:31:01 EDT 2021 | charliedci

We recently purchased a Scienscope AXC-800 III which can count 4 7" reels at one time in seconds. It can count tubes, trays and bulk as long as keep the components down to 1 layer (which for bulk is not ideal). so far we are very happy with, cuts dai

Accurate Measuring Devices

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 07 18:16:10 EST 2000 | Mohit Gujral

Folks - does anyone know of any "accurate measuring devices" for counting components in the stockroom. We use a photo copy of the tape and reel to get a measuring scale for counting components in the stockroom. Is there some industry std for the abo

Re: Accurate Measuring Devices

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 09 10:42:25 EST 2000 | Steve A

Mohit, We use a part counting device from V-Tek. I think they are out of Texas(507-387-2039). You input the pitch of the components, and it counts the holes in the carrier tape. Steve A

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