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samsung cp40cv handler error and vision error

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 08:11:27 EST 2019 | tomazicrok3

hello i have samsung cp40cv and this errors comes up can someone help me. vision communication error(1000)(1000), no sequence-finished from handler(%1), no command response from handler (0x2002).

samsung cp40cv handler error and vision error

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 02:03:51 EST 2019 | bukas

try first to replace SYS folder, or one by one of its files. if that doesnt work you are looking at complete disk backup. and check disk for bad sectors ofc

samsung cp40cv handler error and vision error

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 09:49:43 EST 2019 | bobpan

This is going from my memory from a long time ago...but in the scp.ini file....there could be digital light control and/or a matrix tray handler setting. I would turn them off if they are on. I believe this has something to do with a system setting.

MyData error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 14 15:07:43 EDT 2014 | rgeary

Yes, thank you. Found out that machine ran over two parts to tall and damaged the cover plate over the centering.

Panasert mvf2 pick and place error

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 16 19:19:59 EST 2022 | gabriel1blue

Hi guys. I have an old panasert pick and place machine that I'm trying to get working, but now we encounter an error after we power up the machine but when we try to complete origin process. Everything completes the process except for DST-PSOI and af

Wiring Schematic Softwares and error checking

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 19 12:22:55 EDT 2008 | operator

Are there any softwares OR functions inside of the softwares that allow a designer that is creating a very large complicated wiring diagram with say....many terminal blocks and connectors etc... to run a point to point check on his drawing? Bascially

Samsung QSA error

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 18 05:10:07 EDT 2015 | bobpan

Hello Simon, I would check to make sure the covers are closed and the cover switches are working. Make sure an e-stop is not pressed. After that....I would check the contactors in the rear of the machine. I have had the contacts on the insides of som

Panasonic NPM-W Nozzle error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 03 15:53:28 EST 2019 | cbeneat

We did figure out the issue. The plastic cover inside the LED lighting unit had a slight film covering it, which made the picture slightly hazy. We had to disassemble the LED module to get at it, cleaned it and it was fine. I didn't think this would

CP642's vision process error

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 30 11:11:11 EDT 2003 | Roger

Has anyone changed the PD on this part lately. Sounds like a program (PD) issue. Nozzle size should be .7mm. Narrow view should be selected. Tape leaf cover on feeder should be .7mm. Make sure parts aren't on the camera lens. Good luck!

MYDATA My9 Theta error

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 13 11:41:23 EST 2012 | dontfeedphils

I can't remember what motor control cards in the machine are interchangeable, but if the controller card for the theta axis is a common control card then you can swap out the one currently controlling the theta axis with a different axis and see if t

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