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Solder cover

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 03 01:48:57 EST 2010 | 89jeong

Hello Sir. Our customer asked me why the solder did not cover the surface of the potocopuler lead. There are 2 ea of photocopuler on pcb and the leads are totally 8ea. But only one is showing this problem. When i reviewed the reflow profile, there

HAA cover tape

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 25 15:44:00 EDT 2000 | Gilbert Ramirez

One of our distributors currently uses PSA cover tape. This has given us too many problems. We are in the process of trying to decide wether or not to fund them with the money they need to be able to use HAA process(they currently have capability). C

chip sticking on cover tape

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 13 05:21:04 EDT 2010 | bubbobbed

Guys, I've received complaints from customer that the chip is sticking on the cover tape or carrier tape when detape. Is there any possible that i can solve the problem by changing the cover tape or carrier tape?? some say the root cause of this issu

component stick at cover tape

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 18 23:03:07 EDT 2012 | eadthem

We have had this problem in the past, On paper tape resistors(old stock from before i took over and forced rotation on everything) and on embossed (national semi parts, strings of glue pulled back like seat belts across the pocket.) For the national

Disassembly top cover of a 30pin connector

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 28 01:27:30 EST 2004 | Martin Silberkuhl

First of all, sorry for my bad english (I'm german)!!! We have the following problem: we assemble 6pcs. smd 30pin connectors on one of our boards that we produce. These connectors have a top cover, that the pick&place machine can put it on the board

Solderability problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 25 12:08:53 EDT 2008 | ludee_circuits

My factory produces Printed Circuits Boards.Today, my customer says they encounter problem with solder ability issue. Some of the boards have difficulties during SMT solder flow. Could not stick to the pads and the components fell off. Those boards

Solder Mask problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 01 10:48:21 EDT 2000 | Jeremy

I am having a problem with the green solder mask flaking off exposing bare copper. The mask was defective from the board manufacturer. My problem is the boards are already assembled and we are just finding the problem. Is there a standard that cover

CP-743 tape problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 17 12:51:01 EDT 2015 | cyber_wolf

Are you referring to the mylar cover tape ?

bare board problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 17 17:26:56 EDT 1999 | wayne sanita

first of all what is the technical term for the small amount of solder on a plated pad. we are getting poor screen printing gasketing on a 20 mil qfp due to this solder not being even or too high in spots and not covering the length of the pads. any

To overcome human problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 22 08:20:34 EST 2003 | kauerr

Hi,I am a Mfg. Engineering Tech. and do Maintenance on all of our Equipment. 4796 HSPs, Dek 265 LT screen printers, GSMs, ect. We have 6 lines of equipment with certain operators assigned to each line, and you can really tell which operators do or do

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