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Fuji cp43 pcb layout

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 31 15:20:38 EDT 2008 | mmjm_1099

The following attachment I hope is useful.

Fuji cp43 pcb layout

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 30 16:53:38 EDT 2008 | m79d

Hi all I am going to get a board laid out which will be done on a fuji cp43, could the experts please tell me what should be the width of the tooling strips? size/placement of the fiducials? I also want to use the pin to hold the board, where exactl

Fuji cp43 pcb layout

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 03 07:47:47 EST 2008 | jdengler

mickd, I prefer a rail of 7.62mm (0.300"). This alows for the tooling pins and fiducials without any trouble and minimizes the waste. A fiducial of 1mm round with a 1mm clear area around it. Jerry

Fuji cp43 pcb layout

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 04 10:02:21 EST 2008 | m79d

jerry this is what i wanted to hear 'real' measurements. I did not want to make the tooling strip too wide as that would add to the cost of the bare board. thank mickd

Fuji cp43 pcb layout

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 01 04:12:53 EDT 2008 | ashley

Hello mickd, The Fiducial Marks are normally etched along the vertical side of the PCB, therefore it will not be block by the XY table clamping rails. p.s. try to have a Shiny & Round Fiducial Mark as recommended by Fuji....so that you need not inp

Fuji cp43 pcb layout

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 30 21:06:20 EDT 2008 | ashley

Hello mickd, For Fuji practice, the primary tooling hole preferably be 5mm from the edge of the PCB (lower right hand corner). This is the reference X0, Y0 co-ordinates in the Fuji program where placing co-ordinates going LEFT will be -ve value & go

Fuji cp43 pcb layout

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 31 18:08:34 EDT 2008 | m79d

thank you both for the input ok so i understand the hole is on a 5mmx5mm center the pin seems to be 3mm. About 3mm of the board goes under the clamp rail so the tooling strip must be wider than 5mm as the fiducial also needs to be on it. Mark_m yo

CP43 feeder calibration

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 26 03:49:17 EDT 2005 | aj

Mark, Is there really that much to a CP43 feeder that its worth the hassle of making a "calibration jig". Train your Operators properly and that should do the trick I have a CP43 and Reject rate runs at

CP 43 manuals

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 11 14:19:04 EDT 2013 | nicodj77

Hi, I'd google it and found these Maint. Manual for Fuji CP43 Operation Manual for Fuji CP43 http://www.winsmt.com/down/006.pdf Hope it helps! Nick

Fuji CP43 air consumption

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 26 09:44:45 EDT 2010 | smtmfgeng

Hello all, I have a few CP43's and am struggling to find their air consumption ratings. I found that our IP3 consumes 240 Nl/min for the machine itself, and the MTU unit consumes 600 Nl/min, however Fuji's spec sheets do not list these ratings for t

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