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we in urgent want to buy FUJI CP6-4000/CP6-5000;CP643E

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 04 22:52:32 EDT 2003 | hwatali

Now we are in urgent to buy 1.FUJI CP6-4000 or CP6-5000 for 3 sets;2.FUJI CP643E for 2 sets;3.CP6 8��2 and CP6 8��4 paper feeder. If you can supply these to me,pls contact me asap.

Fuji CP6-4000 vs. CP643

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 27 11:07:19 EST 2007 | kpm135

Can anyone tell me the differences between the CP6-4000 and the CP643? Is the CP643 able to place a wider component range? Does the CP643 have some sort of vision system while the CP6-4000 doesn't? If anyone has the Fuji Specs on the CP643 and could

Fuji CP6 5000

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 20 14:04:49 EST 2002 | cstech

We have a CP6 5000, please kindly inform us the optimal tact time is 0.09 or 0.12. Kindly confirm us the CP65 is same or different to CP6-5000. The CP6-4000 and CP6-500, any different, except on the table size? Hope to recieve your help?!

CP6-4000 maintenance manuals?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 04 12:03:07 EDT 2008 | rodrigo

Sure! email is fine. Thanks

Fuji CP6-4000

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 13 10:11:35 EST 2007 | kpm135

Management at my shop is interested in the Fuji CP6-4000. I have no experience with the Fuji machines and was hoping anyone familiar with this machine would share thier thoughts. I was most curious about what people thought about the ease of programi

Fuji Series

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 25 03:00:38 EST 2002 | puskas

Some Fuji machine name ends with 4000 or 5000 and some doesn't. What is the meaning of it? For example what is the difference between Fuji CP6 and Fuji CP6 4000?

CP6-4000 maintenance manuals?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 04 11:57:08 EDT 2008 | muarty

Rodrigo, I could maybe send you some CP6 Series manuals electronically or on CD if you wish. John

Fuji CP6-4000 vs. CP643

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 27 17:13:02 EST 2007 | mee13

The CP643 has a 0201 camera and a dual board loading system


Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 13 10:04:06 EDT 2009 | csm

Dear all, we have an Fuji CP6-4000 we get some weeks ago, but it shows an error "Hardward NG and show some actions (Inch the axis to cancel the overtravel. Then switch the power off and restart the machine). We did but display same error. I would li


Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 31 16:49:10 EST 2008 | jwolvans

Hey, and guess what? A CP6-4000 will do the same thing. Fuji hasn't changed that technology one iota since the CP3 days.

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