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cp6 missing small parts

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 27 20:10:16 EST 2006 | peter

hi guys the scenario is: when placing parts which required maximum speed, the cp6 sometimes missing resistors here and there, when checking part data, everything ok i notice that when the machine switching between high and low transport speed, (eg: r

cp6 missing small parts

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 31 02:59:18 EST 2006 | jgarver1

You also should check to make sure you have blow off at the placing station set properly. I have seen machines with the flow control valve shut completely off not release parts properly. The parts end up in the scrap bin and the machine thinks they

cp6 missing small parts

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 29 11:59:13 EST 2006 | johnw

Hi Better to check the table calibration and wedges also the rack and pinion gear at the back of the table for control if you go into mechacheck you can set the servo and the calibration data if its an early cp6 its quite simple to set up if its a cp

cp6 missing small parts

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 31 03:34:50 EST 2006 | chadnugent79

If you are sure that your part data is correct, have you checked the calibration of Z origin? Are the parts leaving an impression on the paste or is there no indication of an attempted place. How small of resistors are we talking 0402, 0603, 0805?

cp6 missing small parts

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 30 13:26:12 EST 2006 | Tech

Another thing to keep in mind are the vacuum hoses. The early models had a real problem with the vacuum hoses that connect to the back of the windmill. They would crack or wear through due to rubbing and cause a loss of vacuum which could cause your

cp6 communication error

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 01 05:28:49 EDT 2009 | aj

start skipping out some parts and try to transmit? could be a dodgy part data... Best thing to do is skip out everything except one part and see how you get on with the transmission and work from there. If it transmits start addin a few more until y

Fuji cp6 re-reading fiducials

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 19:33:12 EDT 2005 | matjen

After the machine stops for any reason when restarted the z table goes to loader position comes up then goes back down and re-reads the fiducials, only one machine does this but we are losing valuable cycle time after every part change. We have Fuji

Finding and selling parts

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 07 09:05:58 EDT 2003 | Mike

We have opened a site for people to post parts, request parts, etc. It is the Global Parts Repository. It is mainly electronic and mechanical parts that we have in mind: http://www.info-services.net/gpr

Finding and selling parts

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 21 19:23:25 EDT 2003 | Mike

The GPR is growing. Visit and submit parts or requests for parts. http://www.info-services.net/gpr To see all of the parts, visit http://www.info-services.net/gpr/allparts.html

Mv2f parts and marks data.

Electronics Forum | Fri May 22 22:13:18 EDT 2020 | gabriel1blue

Hi guys we had problems with our old pick and place machines and all the parts data and mark data was lost when we had to restart the machine. We made a copy but it has been so long that we used it that now it's not working. I hope someone has one of

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