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Fuji F4G PC hardware requirements?

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 15:02:00 EDT 2018 | rodrigo

Hi all, Does anyone know the "preferred" PC setup to install F4G? We have several PCs but it only fully works on an old celeron PC that is extremely slow. In most other either the CP6 optimizer or CAD converter do not work. We have 2 lines with the s


Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 17 19:43:20 EDT 2009 | fujiphil

Have you eliminated the hardware N.G.? Check the connection for the rear door. If the connection are ok, try to bypass the key. short the two wires for the rear door. If the rear door problem is corrected, check the rear door switch physically. Reg

Re: You choose: F4G or MCS-30

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 14 09:01:59 EDT 1999 | Bruce

Why not to use an MCS30: Hardware is proprietary, OS-9 format, expensive to fix or replace, support, slow, RS-232 or ethernet hookup for CAD download, flat file format. F4G: PC is purchased by you, WindowsNT 4.0, inexpensive to fix or replace, supp


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