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Fuji holders seizing up

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 12 23:05:37 EST 1999 | Joe Cameron

Has anyone got problems with their Fuji CP6* holders sticking and not indexing the nozzles? We find about 2 or 3 holders seizing up on us every two weeks or so. It's really frustrating, not to mention the damage it can cause on the machine and the

CP6 Nozzle Holders

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 04 03:55:11 EST 2008 | aj

Hi All, I know this forum is not for spare parts but after the shock I got when I received a quote for a new CP6 nozzle head, I feel that some other company without much cash might benefit. I purchased some fuji cp4 & cp6 spares from a 2nd user dea

Re: Fuji holders seizing up

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 21 22:03:35 EST 1999 | Nick

It looks like your holders now require some maintenance. You will need to throughly clean all the holders of all dirt debris and then relube the holder lightly with T&D or grease. You will only need to lube the shaft of the nozzle change enagager an

CP6 Nozzle sticking

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 15 20:59:16 EST 2005 | ashley

Hello Snr Tech, kindly isolate the problem if it's coming from the indentified holder or the nozzles itself, by swapping between holders. there will be oxidisation on aluminium, from which your nozzles are made after a period of time. impurities, sr

CP6 Nozzle sticking

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 15 06:53:50 EST 2005 | cyber_wolf

It seems that every time we do maintenance on our CP6 windmills, we have a lot of problems with nozzles sticking up inside the holders. It seems to happen for a while, then it goes away after we run for a bit. We follow the Fuji maintenance procedure

CP6 Nozzle sticking

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 07 18:41:13 EST 2005 | jimmyb

--IE, Funny.--- I "remember" kinda, from the early CP6 years, things about the springs. The early Fuji springs had sharp ends, and if you spun the nozzle, prior to final attachment, the opposite way it could stick, and if it was spun the right way,

CP6 Nozzle sticking

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 02 10:49:45 EST 2005 | Dave Erbst

Try checking your Z height and also make sure that they are cleaned regularly. If the Z height is off your will be pressing your nozzles into the holders thereby causing them to bind up inside the holder. Replace the springs periodically since they d


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