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0201 on CP43

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 17 16:56:45 EDT 2009 | gregf912

Sorry Keith but is not possible to place 0201 parts on the CP43 machine. THe XY table is not tight enough on the resolution or the Z height. The parts camera will not be able to tell the part from the nozzle. THe CP6-4000 machine can not do 0201 part

Re: chip shooter

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 16 00:23:05 EDT 1999 | KEVIN SIMPSON

| | I am begining to evaluate hi speed chip shooters. We are interested in the Panasonic MV2E. Does anyone have any experience with the turret style placement equipment, Panisonic in particular. | | Thanks, | | Jeff | | | | hi jeff, i have about 4


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