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CP642's vision process error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 28 19:03:53 EDT 2003 | Ryan Liao

Hi mantis, Thank you for your helps. I had checked the CP7 error code index application. It also gives me the same answer. It tell me " the part pickup status is bad" and I have to "Make sure that the nozzle is not bent and that the part is being pro

Recommendations? Fuji CP7 or Univ HSP4797?

Electronics Forum | Sat May 29 15:58:37 EDT 2004 | Patrick Tarell ... Automation Engineering Jabil Circuit

Hello Alan! We have used both chipshooters, we also have a Mydata with the hydra head... We switched entirely from Fuji CP7 to the UIC HSP4796 and now HSP4797. The CP7 is a nice machine but we were very unhappy with the support structure within Fu

Feeder Master Calibration jig.

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 06 05:14:30 EDT 2007 | jola

Thanks for your reply! Have you tested the torque meter yourself? I have asked our supplyer if they had any but the answer I got was that they should check with Fuji, and that semes to be a slow process... We do mouthly mainteness on our highspeed fe

Fuji PAM measure

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 16 12:52:13 EDT 2005 | timekey

Steve- Depending on which Fuji model you have, Fuji PAM either needs to be purchased from Fuji or if you have a CP-7, CP-8 or NXT, Fuji PAM is already installed in the machine from the factory. The kit...if you are required to purchase it from Fuji i

upgrading pnp

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 01 17:24:40 EST 2008 | kpm135

I work for a small electronic contract manufacture and we are currently evaluating pick and place equipement hoping to improve the quality of our build and increase our cappacity to boot. We are a high mix/low volume shop and I'd say our average buil

Recomendations? Fuji CP7 or Univ HSP4797?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 25 20:29:41 EDT 2004 | Grant

Hi, That's the interesting point, and I think it's got to do with the design of the placement. You have 8 pick heads in the Hydra head, and they all line up with a tape in the feeder. So in theory when it can pick all 8 components at once, and the


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