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cph fpr pick & place

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 03:43:11 EST 2007 | technology

how to calculate actual CPH of pick & place machines?

cph fpr pick & place

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 07:51:19 EST 2007 | davef

IPC-9850, Surface Mount Placement Equipment Characterization


Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 00:08:46 EST 2000 | Hon Choi

Dear all, We haven't been using CPH (chips per hour) as an index of our production capability, but it seems more and more attractive as a basis by which we can compare the capability of different plants producing different products. Are there any o

Efficiency index in SMT line

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 24 04:34:19 EST 2010 | dearkim

I'm going to manage a efficiency of my SMT line. Final target is increase the output. But I don't make a decision of the efficiency index. What is the efficiency index in SMT line. In my opinion is... First, Output CPH/actual CPH(Based on optimized c


Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 17 14:47:24 EST 1998 | Dave F

| What is the CPH for Universal/Sanyo chip shooter? Spec. needed only. Thanks | Mike: Universal�s High Speed Placement (HSP) machines are booked at: 4791 - 30k cph 4796 - 36k cph

Chipmounter Placement Speed

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 08 11:03:02 EDT 2004 | dj_jago

Peter, The Siemens placement equipment has a simple coding structure: HS50 - 50,000 CPH S20 - 20,000 CPH S23 - 23,000 CPH S27 - 27,000 CPH Well... you get the idea. I have no idea about the speed of the 'F' machines. We get around 70-80% of this

Assembleon / Ipulse / Mydata... opinions?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 25 15:14:03 EDT 2008 | dismon

Hi, My company is comparing some P&P machines to make a purchase very soon. We need a real throughput of about 25k cph ( not IPC, but real ). So we have these options for our product: Assembleon AX-301 IPC 50k cph real 28K cph Ipulse M7-2

My-Data TP9-UFP info please!!!

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 27 11:47:28 EDT 2007 | BKG

We are looking at obtaining a TP9-UFP and I have never worked on mydata before. Most of my experience is on Philips and QUAD. Opinions on practicallity for low volume high mix application? What is the actual CPH? I see it is rated at 6000cph, but in

SMT OEE Calculator

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 08 10:41:11 EST 2009 | rao

Excellent Web OEE calculator... For Ideal Cycle time we use to take Programming Cycle Time but in this calculator it seems you have taken Equipment Rated CPH. For a Given Board & the placement locations the rated CPH is not at all attainable because

Cost per component

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 28 11:08:19 EDT 2005 | pr

I would also say that using 11,000 cph (best time) is an overestimate. Why not take the avg components placed over a 24 hr. period and get your cph from that? just a thought, pr

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