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AOI 2009 MIRTEC MV-7xi 5 MP or Yes tech YTV-FX 5MP

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 06 14:22:24 EST 2009 | Dany

We use Photondynamics SV-7550 now. We want to upgrade our AOI because we found that SV-7550 are not very good to detect solder defects. I send samples boards at each company with the solder defects that i can't detect with my Photondynamics SV-7550.

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

Electronics Forum | Tue May 07 14:55:48 EDT 2002 | jtrent

We are in the process of considering purchase of an AOI. Before doing so I would like to know if someone, with experience using an AOI in production, can share pros and/or cons. We are looking seriously at the Photon Dynamics 7550 (Previously CR Te

CR Technologies RTI 6250

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 27 09:42:19 EDT 2004 | pjc

Try YESTech. They are the ex CR Tech people. http://www.yestechinc.com/

CR TECH RTI 6520 Light Bulb Panel

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 14:32:18 EDT 2012 | nicodj77

Hi, AOI CR RTI 6520 Need help to find the part# or alternate for those little Light Bulbs that are located on the 6 panels around all the cameras, it looks like a Led but I think it's just a bulb, not sure. Thanks!


Electronics Forum | Fri May 06 08:20:18 EDT 2005 | davef

From our notes: CR Technologies is a subsidiary of Photon Dynamics [Aliso Viejo, CA]. Photon Dynamics is out of the x-ray business. Try: * YESTech [ http://www.yestechinc.com/ ] includes ex-CR Technologies people. * AOI Service Group [ http://www.a

AOI brightness

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 20 17:44:39 EDT 2002 | pjc

Only one guru on staff? This is a problem. Why not try the folks at CR Tech/Photon Dynamics.

CR Technologies RTI 6250

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 27 09:18:41 EDT 2004 | vinod

There is group of people called " AOI Service Group " that gives tech support for your equipment.

CR Technology CRX-1000

Electronics Forum | Wed May 07 07:18:48 EDT 2008 | realchunks

Try YesTech.

CR TECH RTI 6520 Light Bulb Panel

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 16:04:07 EDT 2012 | nicodj77

Hi Todd, Thank you very much for your help!!

CRTech/ Photon Dynamics & Support

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 17 21:09:48 EDT 2003 | fastek

George- Send me an e-mail and I will put you in touch with the group that is handling service for CR Tech/Photon Dynamics. Rick fastek@attbi.com

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Beau Tech
Beau Tech

A US manufacturer of quality hand tools for those engaged in the repair, rework, R & D, testing, and assembly of electronic components and printed circuit boards from Through Hole to 2Mil Pitch Surface Mount.


98 Elm St.
Portland, ME United Arab Emirates

Phone: 1-207-775-6139

Fluid Dispensing, Staking, TIM, Solder Paste

Easily dispense fine pitch components with ±25µm positioning accuracy.
Pillarhouse USA for Selective Soldering Needs

Software for SMT placement & AOI - Free Download.
SMT spare parts

Thermal Transfer Materials.