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cr technologies rti-6520

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 20 11:48:18 EST 2013 | jrr3434

Hi, does anyone know what kinds of inspection this aoi can perform? Solder joints, lifted leads, shorts, etc. Any information would be helpful. thanks.

CR TECH RTI 6520 Light Bulb Panel

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 16:04:07 EDT 2012 | nicodj77

Hi Todd, Thank you very much for your help!!

CR TECH RTI 6520 Light Bulb Panel

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 14:32:18 EDT 2012 | nicodj77

Hi, AOI CR RTI 6520 Need help to find the part# or alternate for those little Light Bulbs that are located on the 6 panels around all the cameras, it looks like a Led but I think it's just a bulb, not sure. Thanks!

CR TECH RTI 6520 Light Bulb Panel

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 15:53:55 EDT 2012 | toddl

Hi Nicolas, we purchase our lamps from AOI Servicegroup in packs of 100. Their part number is AOI-ORBLAMPPACK(100 per pack)and sell for about $2 each. I wouldn't mind finding an alternate source myself.

CR Technology RTI-6520

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 06 09:42:57 EDT 2011 | vetteboy86

I've put a call in for some tech support. I haven't had much succes dealing with them in the past. If anyone is running this machine, any knowlege on my problem is much appreciated. Currently camera 3 (highest magnification) will not find fiducials

CR Technologies RTI 6250

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 27 09:42:19 EDT 2004 | pjc

Try YESTech. They are the ex CR Tech people. http://www.yestechinc.com/


Electronics Forum | Fri May 06 08:20:18 EDT 2005 | davef

From our notes: CR Technologies is a subsidiary of Photon Dynamics [Aliso Viejo, CA]. Photon Dynamics is out of the x-ray business. Try: * YESTech [ http://www.yestechinc.com/ ] includes ex-CR Technologies people. * AOI Service Group [ http://www.a

AOI brightness

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 20 17:44:39 EDT 2002 | pjc

Only one guru on staff? This is a problem. Why not try the folks at CR Tech/Photon Dynamics.

CR Technologies RTI 6250

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 27 09:18:41 EDT 2004 | vinod

There is group of people called " AOI Service Group " that gives tech support for your equipment.

CR Technology CRX-1000

Electronics Forum | Wed May 07 07:18:48 EDT 2008 | realchunks

Try YesTech.

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