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Solder joint crack

Electronics Forum | Fri May 31 05:54:09 EDT 2019 | dhanish

What are the common cause for solder joint crack after the pcba go through Temperature cycling test ?We have seen failure on solder joint for the memory part.

Solder joint crack

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 25 09:45:39 EDT 2019 | edhare

See also ... https://www.semlab.com/solder-joint-failure-modes/

Solder joint crack

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 01 04:22:24 EDT 2019 | gregoryyork

Depends on lead free alloy choice as well

Solder joint crack

Electronics Forum | Fri May 31 10:15:30 EDT 2019 | davef

Major sources of crack in the solder connection after thermal cycling are: * Thermal heating caused by differences in thermal expansion between the board and the component * Lead-free solder is more rigid and brittle than eutectic solder in simila

Solder joint crack

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 24 23:21:27 EDT 2019 | sssamw

You may need tell us the background, how PCBA being tested, the test setting and spec. Solder crack maybe due to CTE mismatch or mechanical strain.

Solder joint crack

Electronics Forum | Fri May 31 23:48:14 EDT 2019 | dhanish

Thanks Dave..My customer proposing to reduce the solder volume.Can the TCT be improved by reducing the stand-off height?

Solder joint crack

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 01 07:22:40 EDT 2019 | edhare

Just the opposite, reducing the standoff increases the shear strain range in temperature cycling, which lowers the number of cycles to failure.

Solder joint crack

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 03 13:01:59 EDT 2019 | slthomas

Is there any chance that the boards were mechanically stressed (for instance, installed in a fixture) before, during, or after the testing? I'm just looking for other possible root causes.

solder crack

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 01 15:37:56 EDT 2002 | pjc

Possible cause can be design related- if the solder land is too small. Check w/ IPC SM-782 Solder Land Design Guide Another is board finish. I have seen problems like this with Gold finished PWBs- which creates a more brittle solder joint.Another pos

BGA crack initation & growth

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 02 09:33:33 EST 2002 | davef

�8.4.2, Cracking Of Soldered Joints in the epic "Soldering In Electronics" by RJ Klein Wassink [Electrochemical Publications,ISBN 0 901150 24 X] covers cracking differented by: * Overloading * Creep * Fatigue You can't go wrong by starting there.

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