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solder joint crack in post thermal cycling test at Dye & Pry

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 08:21:05 EDT 2010 | esca

Hi manchella, After ATC test, two different failure modes can be present: solder FATIGUE (into bulk) or BRITTLE INTERMETALLIC fracture. So, first you have to verify this. Moreover, which brand of SMT paste have you used ? The crack into solder joint

Porosity in Good Plating

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 04 21:09:04 EDT 2003 | ramanandkini

I have a CEM-1 PCB board with 35 microns copper. This is PCB is finished with SMOBC+HALS. We do solder SMT LEDs, but till date we do not have problems that you have listed. The LEDs are good & bright. It even passed high & low temp cycle tests (-40 t

Re: Microcracking in SMT Pick&Place process

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 16 09:15:56 EDT 1998 | Justin Medernach

| We are very concerned about microcracking in SMT P&P process. I want to know something about: | What is microcracking? | When did it occur? What are the causes? | How can avuid this phenomena? Toni, Micro cracks can be caused by a ton of conditions

Re: Microcracking in SMT Pick&Place process

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 25 09:37:48 EDT 1998 | Russ Miculich

The real causes of microcracking are not normally due to pick and place - particularly if you are using a piece of equipment with vacuum pick up and release. The real cause of microcracking is due to thermal stresses on the die and the choice of the

Smt parts in strips

Electronics Forum | Wed May 09 17:49:16 EDT 2012 | dyoungquist

We run a Mydata high mix, low volume line. You can handle strips with either the Agilis feeders (losing the first 5-10 parts) or by placing the strip on the Y or tray wagons. For cheap parts like resistors, capacitors, some diodes and small ICs, ou

Re: Cracking in High Voltage Chip Caps

Electronics Forum | Tue May 26 17:29:42 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

| I know, I've read the "been there done that" stories about this subject, but I still profess ignorance on some aspects. | We are using NPO type dialectric caps in potted high voltage assemblies and continue to experience catastrophic vailures. U

Re: Through holes in SMT pads

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 08 15:38:27 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

| Thank you all for your replies. Thanks to your replies and backup from the IPC-SM-782A (section and James Blankenhorn's "SMT Design Rules & Standards," the designer has agreed to provide adequate clearance between the via and the pad. |

Lead-Free alloy determination in repair / rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 08 11:50:55 EST 2011 | pgoodyear

As a technician that does frequent board level repair / rework some issues have come to mind. I have been an electronics technician for almost 50 years. In that time I have seen the evolution of electronics from point to point wiring using vacuum

Reducing time of SMT rearmament (SMED applied in battlefield)

Electronics Forum | Wed May 07 01:40:41 EDT 2008 | andrzej

What techniques do you use practically to reduce rearmament time of SMT line in high mix production ? There was such post on forum about it but I would like to gather all techniques in one post so everyone can add some ideas which are already applie

Difference Between "NO" & "MP" in SMT Part Number

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 30 06:02:46 EDT 2018 | ali_jayyad

Hi, I was wondering what is the difference between MP and NO at the end SMT part number. I tried to look into it but could not find anything promising. e.g I have a resistors with part numbers 0603-NO and 0603-MP and 0603-RES. What could be the diffe

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