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Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 29 12:56:41 EST 2004 | check

i mean the actual import of the insertion file and the creation of the be's files

Mydata My12 package creation

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 25 16:09:02 EDT 2010 | duwelt

Thanks Rob, is there nobody sharing/selling his database? Arne

QUAD 4000c Program creation with CAD

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 01 13:04:57 EDT 2015 | ahanna

ahanna@lumitex.com Thank you very much I appreciate it!

Fuji Flexa shape creation

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 19 16:39:22 EDT 2019 | travishemen

I think in the shape data on the shape process tab you click launch visual data editor.

Fuji Flexa shape creation

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 04 05:45:55 EDT 2019 | rajeshoshnic

Hi,You need Fuji VPD license for using image from camera stand. Thanks

Program an ic on the y wagon.

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 12 16:37:26 EDT 2019 | emeto

If we assume Mycronic equipment, you have some erroe in your tray creation.

Re: re-balled BGAs

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 25 15:27:47 EDT 1999 | Dave F

David: Most of the focus of current reliabilty testing seems to be in the area of void creation. Motorla does not use reworked BGAs. There's a source for that somewhere on SMTnet. You can find it in the archives. My2� Dave F

Circuit Cam inputs

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 14 11:57:59 EDT 2004 | azdback

We are in the process of evaluating the Circuit Cam software for the creation of pick and place programs and Visual aids for QC. So I would like to hear from actual users that can give me some feedback on the pros and cons of this product. Thanks in

New PicAXE Forum

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 18 22:30:31 EDT 2004 | breakaway

Hi All, Just announcing the creation of PicAXE Microcontroller forums. These forums have been specially created to help people with problems with their PicAXE microcontrollers. Please register. Link: http://s8.invisionfree.com/PicAXE_Forums/index.p

THT manual assembly worker instructions

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 25 10:04:08 EST 2008 | scotceltic

There are various software programs out there to aid in the creation of visual aids for manual assy. and other steps in the process. We currently use Circuitcam (Aegis). It helps us create color coded (by part number) visual aids for the whole proc

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