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Cree 3 color LED

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 15 11:16:30 EDT 2019 | charliedci

We have been using Cree 3 color LED's (CLV6A-FKB) in many products for several years (pic attached). At the rate of 3 to 5% of the units assembled with this LED, the Red LED fails. After touch up with soldering iron it functions. This happens to the

Panasonic CM Users

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 11 09:58:20 EST 2012 | cbeneat

I have a question for any Panasonic CM 402/602 users. We run Cree XPE/XPG/XPC LED's on our machines, and have struggled for years with the lights sticking in our nozzles. We have two types, I believe both designed by Cree, one picks the light up by

Panasonic CM Users

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 07:48:42 EST 2012 | pr

Try "Count on" Cree Led nozzles. http://www.smtnet.com/news/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_news≠ws_id=9466 We are getting ready to try them ourselves. Let us know how it goes. good luck, PR

SMD LEDs stick to nozzle while mounting

Electronics Forum | Sun May 20 00:11:45 EDT 2012 | kiss

We are mounting 3528 package LEds with pick & > place machine.The problem is , nozzle picks up > the LED , but it stick to the nozzle & not > placed. Then it gives error in the next cycle. > Can anybody suggest the solution? Please advise on mo

SMD LEDs stick to nozzle while mounting

Electronics Forum | Mon May 21 08:51:14 EDT 2012 | fredc

We have been seeing this in the nozzles we have made. We will building all new LED nozzles out of teflon where physically possible. Many of the new Cree LED recomendations are for teflon nozzles. In some that teflon was not recomended teflon was the

Philips Topaz/Emerald LED Nozzle

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 07 10:18:23 EDT 2014 | emanuel

Hi everyone, Any idea where can I purchase a nozzle for 3535 LEDs in general or Cree XPE specific, for a Philips Topaz/Emerald machine?

Panasonic CM Users

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 09:34:45 EST 2012 | pr

I am new to the company but the story sounds the same. We have a new board coming in (with CREE LEDS) and I wanted to get in front of it, and found these nozzles. We are going to try them out as soon as we get the spending O.K. They are designed for

SMD LEDs stick to nozzle while mounting

Electronics Forum | Mon May 21 09:04:15 EDT 2012 | cbeneat

We've had the same issue on our Panasonic CM machines with Cree XP type LEDs. Count on tools makes a urethane tip nozzle that we are using which eliminates the sticking, our concern with these is durability. Nozzle supply company makes a steel Teflo

Panasonic CM Users

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 20 09:31:09 EDT 2012 | fredc

Chris, You asked if others are having these issues. I know for sure they are. I am not with Count On, but we make nozzles also. Cree has published drawings of the recomended nozzles in their "Soldering and Handling Guides" for several years. We made

SMD LEDs stick to nozzle while mounting

Electronics Forum | Wed May 23 20:17:48 EDT 2012 | kahrpr

That not such a crazy idea. In a past life a long time ago we had a part sticking issue. some one suggested mold release on the nozzle. ( we also did injection molding) and it did work. It did not appear to leave any residue. We also use a cree Led o

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