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Soldering Fox crystals

Electronics Forum | Mon May 09 18:05:50 EDT 2016 | davef

Your crystal should meet the requirements of IPC J-STD-002D Solderability Tests for Component Leads, Terminations, Lugs, Terminals

Soldering Fox crystals

Electronics Forum | Mon May 09 15:05:01 EDT 2016 | wooly1

We are trying to reflow some Fox brand crystals to some boards but the solder will not wick up on the ends of the component. It solders fine to the under side but not to the ends. I have tried numerous things with the reflow profile but nothing seems

H49s crystals been placed

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 30 15:04:54 EDT 2013 | ericrr

Is it just possible that H49s crysats are hard to place, so it looks like it has been place by a perfectionistic instead of looked like it had a parachute type loading. This is the H49 short stubby type crystal about 10 mm long (width) about 4.5 mm

TH Crystals

Electronics Forum | Tue May 10 08:23:07 EDT 2005 | davef

We wave [primary side] and reflow crystals for oscillators without fear. We hand solder liquid crystal displays. Consider checking with the crystal fabricator and using their guidelines.

Re: PTH Crystal Spacer

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 15:02:00 EST 2000 | Russ

Many times the crystal supplier also has a package that already has epoxy bumps on them to allow th crystal to be raised off of the board. This is my preffered way since placing spacers on components can be time consuming and operators can and will

Wrong Crystal

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 20 12:10:29 EST 2019 | rossrohrer1

Trying to create my own RFID reader based off the MFRC522 demo board by copying the layout and components, then later i am planning to change the footprint. I am having trouble replicating their crystal. The mfrc522 datasheet calls for a 27.12 mhz

TH Crystals

Electronics Forum | Mon May 09 15:21:28 EDT 2005 | tforbes

Hello, I am hoping that someone can shed some light on my somewhat strange question. The group that I recently started with have had a process in place where they do not run crystals through their wave solder process. From my previous work experien

TH Crystals

Electronics Forum | Tue May 10 09:42:40 EDT 2005 | tforbes

We are using a water soluable process, and we have no fear of washing the boards after the crystals have been placed. Any type of SMT crystal I have reflowed with no fear, thats why this practice troubles me, and I want to remove it altogether. I w

Phosphorus Crystal Formation

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 13 07:04:59 EST 2006 | saaitk

We are having intermittent faults with BGA's soldered onto an immersion gold finish board with snpb solder. One potential cause I have been informed is the formation of phosphorus crystals. As I am not an expert in this area I have no idea if this is

Upside down placement of a crystal oscillator is acceptable ?? As per IPC clause its define Rectangular or Square En

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 19 03:06:42 EDT 2016 | ishwarsingh1

Upside down placement of a crystal oscillator is acceptable or not ?? As per IPC Rectangular or Square End Chip Components – 1, 3 or 5 Side Terminations.I am not sure whether is applicable for crystal oscillator or not . Your answer wo

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