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Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 14:10:50 EDT 2010 | jj12345

- Can anyone please tell me how to change the teaching to the vision camera instead of the beam sensor. In the machine configurations i have - Beam Sensor : Yes (yes/no) and Teaching Camera : Yes (yes/no), so it should default to the teaching camera

Philips CSM66 wanted

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 14 14:36:36 EST 2007 | hacavo

Hi Andreas, I have a CSM66 for sale. If you're in the UK give me a call on: Zero7NineDouble8Six2Zero1Two8Two. Cheers! Harry

Need help for Philips CSM66

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 15 23:09:32 EST 2011 | haiae

Dear all Members, I'm going to buy a used Philips CSM66, but I never use it before. If any one, who used to use this type of machine before please kindly tell me your experience about it. Thanks in advanced,

HELP! Need MCH file to CSM84V-III and CSM66-III

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 17 11:51:52 EDT 2010 | arek

Hi, I bought Philips CSM machines (CSM66-III and CSM84V-III). I need flopy disc with some files (MCH, VIS, FDR). I created MCH file but the machine send me an error message: BAD FORMAT DATA. Could anyone help me and send me correct files. Thanks

Philips CSM66 wanted

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 25 04:43:54 EDT 2007 | andras

Hi Jon, Thanks for the dimensions. It is quite larger than CSM66, so I haven't got chance to buy 84. You are very "lucky" because you "only" had to cut a bigger hole for it. My workshop is "under" the ground, in the cellar,so I had to explode my mac

Philips CSM66.xls to create BRD & FDR files easier

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 21 13:42:05 EDT 2007 | andras

Hi to All, I have bought my CSM66 ~3 years ago. It has a not too user friendly interface... :-( But fortunately it has a great possibility to upload files via RS232. So I have created a simple excel sheet to build those tricky BRD & FDR files. Here

How to operate a CSM 66

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 06 20:28:18 EDT 2010 | loyrickie

I recently started with a company that boughgt a used CSM66 Type PA130460. The machine did not come with any reference material and its a pain learning by creating errors. Can anyone share with me any related material that is necessary to get the too

Philips CSM66 CSM84 (Yamaha YM66 YM84) consumables

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 10 08:27:37 EDT 2017 | andras

We are still using these machines and trying to maintain them (huh, old fashioned guys, aren't we?) Has anybody got any info on parts for these machines like: nozzles, arms, jaws, feeders? Thanks:andras

Philips CSM66 CSM84 (Yamaha YM66 YM84) consumables

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 11 02:57:27 EDT 2017 | tsvetan

I have three CSM-84 machines sitting in warehouse corner for many years, but will sell them as whole not as parts

Philips CSM66 CSM84 (Yamaha YM66 YM84) consumables

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 11 03:05:36 EDT 2017 | robl

Hi Andras, we use Qinyi in China for nozzles and feeders for the YV machines, it's probably worth trying them for the older YM ones. Contact Eric Wu, sales@qy-smt.com

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