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Philips CSM84VZ

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 10 17:23:24 EDT 2004 | jftoupin

We just buy a used Smt placement machine a Philips CSM84VZ We need some advise on how to make a statup on the machine If somebody know this machine just tell me!!! jf

Philips CSM84VZ

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 23 14:59:01 EDT 2004 | msjohnston1

Sorry, but I had the pleasure or pain of working with a number of CSM84VZ machines. They use very old technology and are not worth the pain of trying to get them to work even if the price is right. By the way we got rid of a number of these boat anc

CSM84VZ assistance needed

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 27 13:27:33 EDT 2009 | ldm

I am setting up a CSM84VZ pick-n-place for the first time. Everything works fine except the speed in auto run mode is very slow and not at the production speed. Any help is appreciated. LDM

Can CSM84V and CSM84VZ do 0402 ???

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 12 15:43:31 EDT 2006 | ted nguyen

Does any one out there know if CSM84V and CSM84VZ can do 0402 parts ? If so, do they actually make 8mmx2mm feeders for these machines. I've had someone tell me they do, but i can't seem to find those feeders anywhere. thank you

Yamaha/Philips Model Number Cross References

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 19:48:23 EST 2007 | Tech

Contact smtservice@comcast.net They have manuals for the CSM 84 VZ.

Philips CSM 84 VZ

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 14 08:05:27 EST 2007 | nemachines

Hello We have philips csm manuals. Where in the world are you? Thanks

CSM84VZ assistance needed

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 29 11:57:55 EDT 2009 | ldm

figured it out. LDM

Looking for CSM84VZ programming/users manual

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 23 23:06:15 EST 2009 | wyko007

I recently purchased a CSM84VZ type PA130460 machine and it came without any paperwork/manual except the receipt. Any help in securing a programming/users/repair manual is highly appreciated. Am also looking for the basic machine setting "MCH" file

Yamaha/Philips Model Number Cross References

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 13:24:16 EDT 2005 | haviland

Can anyone provide the corresponding Yamaha model numbers for the old Philips CSM84 & CSM 84 VZ machines? Thanks.

Yamaha CSM84VZ error code 79

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 29 18:48:19 EDT 2011 | jrsmachine

We have a Philips CSM84VZ which we acquired several years ago. It has been running fine until recently when a new employee ran it unsupervised. Since then, when in run mode, it wont't run, but just displays error code "#79:operation interrupted". our

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