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X-RAY inspection

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 24 06:33:13 EDT 2020 | rontgen

This is Evan from Rontgen industries that's specialized in designing and building cost-effective X-ray and industrial CT inspection systems,anyone is interested in cooperating with us,please contact me email: chunjian.zhu@irontgen.com

CT Scan system for BGA inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 27 07:23:22 EDT 2011 | edmaya33

North star Imaging and Dage CT can do a non destructive cross-sectioning. http://www.4nsi.com/industrial-x-ray-news/large-demand-for-nsi-x-ray-and-ct-systems

CT Scan system for BGA inspection

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 15 12:23:46 EDT 2011 | gregcr

Hi All, I'm gathering information on what is available for BGA inspection. I have worked with a few x-ray systems, but would like any input on CT Scan systems. thanks

Questions about automatic X-ray inspection (AXI) machines.

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 27 17:32:51 EST 2016 | billthebuilder

We do High Mix, Low Volume and are looking for the best inline AXI with the criteria of industry-leading automation capabilities. The abilities to program offline, automatic conveyor width adjustment and board alignment are important to us. We want t

Nordson Dage XD7600NT vs Nikon XTV160

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 03 17:50:53 EDT 2014 | rboguski

We use it almost exclusively in manual mode for PCBA failure analysis. Our main purpose is to find head-in-pillow defects; secondarily incomplete wetting of ball to substrate. In two years of almost continuous use we have only had occasion to use t

Problems with TI DSP modules

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 24 18:08:02 EDT 2001 | davef

1- DF1: WOW!!! How do people get these cool toys? CB: I am with the University at Buffalo Electronic Packaging Lab. http://www.packaging.buffalo.edu We have pretty much everything that is sold on the market as well as Laser inspection technologies we


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Our Company handle AOI (Auto Optical Inspection) and SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) Machines.

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