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CT Scan system for BGA inspection

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 15 12:23:46 EDT 2011 | gregcr

Hi All, I'm gathering information on what is available for BGA inspection. I have worked with a few x-ray systems, but would like any input on CT Scan systems. thanks

CT Scan system for BGA inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 27 07:23:22 EDT 2011 | edmaya33

North star Imaging and Dage CT can do a non destructive cross-sectioning. http://www.4nsi.com/industrial-x-ray-news/large-demand-for-nsi-x-ray-and-ct-systems

BGA drop off from the boards

Electronics Forum | Fri May 23 11:14:15 EDT 2014 | rboguski

Agree with previous comment regarding possible head-in-pillow. Use 3D x-ray or CT-scan to verify.


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