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Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 13 09:01:39 EDT 2010 | rajeshwara

What role CTE plays in BGA soldering?


Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 14 16:56:12 EDT 2010 | davef

physics and hos*

CTE mismatch

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 14 14:37:45 EDT 2000 | Serrena Carter

Does anyone know where I can find good rule of thumb information on soldering/brazing. I am most interested learning the maximum recommended CTE mismatch between two different materials that thermally cycle between 25-100C.

CTE Versus Tg

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 18 18:14:20 EST 2000 | Dave F

In older resin materials used in printed circuit board fabrication, there seemed to be a direct relationship between CTE and Tg. Now with more modern resins that reationship no longer appears clear. Please comment.

Poor Solderability on TSOPs with Alloy 42 Leadframes

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 17:38:16 EDT 2005 | GS

Several years ago, we had almost same pbm, best results have been obtained by using water soluble paste (those time the old AM1208). Any way, to get a good toe meniscus is not so easy. Talking about CTE, keep in consideration the internal die of TSO

CBGA CTE Mismatch

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 17 22:22:29 EDT 2000 | C.J. Long

Hi erverybody: I am from a PCB shop. One of our product is with 19 X 19 ceramic BGA and my customer is experiencing 0.1 - 04 % failure of open trace on cornoer BGA pad. Substrate is FR4 with TG 135 degree C and delta Tg is well below 3 degree C. Tra

Re: TCE for Ais

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 25 11:47:39 EDT 1998 | Steve A

Hi there, Does any one know what is TCE for fully wet saturated FR4. I came to know that for Dry FR4 the TCE is about 15-19 PPM �C. Is that true? Appreciated for your help. rgs, chiakl Chiakl, It looks like you are speaking of what could

BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 09 20:08:08 EST 2004 | davef

Warping BGA are the usual cause of shorts in the corners and are usually caused by the reflow profile. BGA have a natural tendency to warp due to CTE and package thermal mismatch, as you have seen at rework. The PBGA will go from a bowl shape to an

BGA ball Separation

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 05 17:03:15 EST 2005 | russ

Ina ddition to the above it can be from CTE mismatch and the joints are breaking during cooling. Is this an Altera part?

UBLOX Tim-4A reflow problem

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 17 17:40:49 EST 2006 | darby

Thanks AJ, It is looking like a CTE issue.

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