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CTE mismatch

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 14 14:37:45 EDT 2000 | Serrena Carter

Does anyone know where I can find good rule of thumb information on soldering/brazing. I am most interested learning the maximum recommended CTE mismatch between two different materials that thermally cycle between 25-100C.

Re: CTE mismatch

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 15 16:37:49 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Sounds like someone aimin� fo tha big hurt, if ya axes me. Two spots to place your lawn darts are: 1 J Hwang in "Modern Solder Technology � " states (p.354) that " � extreme CTE mismatch between silicon IC (~2) and the PCB (~16), solder connections

Re: seeking low cost fix to tce mismatch

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 28 12:34:03 EST 1999 | Justin Medernach

Jim, I wouldn't sweat a TCE mismatch between Ceramic chip components and FR4. No need to worry. 99.5% of consumer product out there utilizes this exact technology with no threat of failure due to CTE mismatch. The terminices of the components occu

Re: seeking low cost fix to tce mismatch

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 29 15:42:34 EST 1999 | Mike Naddra

Justin, I would be currious as to your customers application, and if the temperature delta and rate are great enough to cause solder joint failures as a function of mismatched Tce then you may want to consider that even if you are able to identify

BGA ball Separation

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 05 17:03:15 EST 2005 | russ

Ina ddition to the above it can be from CTE mismatch and the joints are breaking during cooling. Is this an Altera part?

Rework PCB's with coins

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 19 12:22:36 EDT 2010 | stepheniii

Could it be a CTE mismatch issue?

PCB Thickness and BLR

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 25 01:24:25 EDT 2019 | sssamw

That is possibley CTE mismatch between QFN and PCB material, the thicker PCB the higher fail rate.

Boards getting

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 03 21:20:09 EDT 2005 | Ken

CTE mismatch. X, Y, Z all expand at different rates. Cooling or heating rates will not change this CTE mismatch. Layer counts, power plane ballance, equal run lengths in x-y and copper balance all contribute. Have your supplier evaluate your s

SMD ceramic cap size limit on metal substrate

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 10:55:32 EST 1999 | KenF

Hi, could anyone tell me the maximum size of an SMD ceramic capacitor that can be assembled on a copper based substrate reliably? The SMD will be reflowed on the copper substrate. The main concern is the CTE mismatch between the ceramic capacitor and

BGA ball Separation

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 25 11:30:47 EDT 2006 | DC

Russ, we had similiar issue on the corner seperation. The board is ENIG and the part is Altera FBGA 1020 (Super BGA) and reflowed by tin/lead paste. Please comment your concern on Altera parts! Is CTE mismatch?

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