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Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 20 17:22:48 EDT 1999 | Dave F

Dunno about 310M flux, but I share your concerns about CU56. You might rethink your selection of solderability perservative, because Enthone: * CU56 allows one thermal cycle. * CU106A allows three thermal cycles. Good luck Dave F


Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 20 16:55:26 EDT 1999 | NickMata

Hello all, I am trying to get some information on ENTEK CU56. I am planning to use 310M flux on ENTEK 56 cards. It will not be a double reflow (top/bottom) followed by wave. I plan to reflow, glue/cure then wave. I am concerned about burning off the

Immersion Ag

Electronics Forum | Mon May 13 14:15:46 EDT 2002 | davef

Entek is Enthone's OSP [organic solderability protection]. It is widely used in the PCB fabrication business. Imidazole (Via Systems) is good, but is not as widely available. Search the fine SMTnet Archive on: * OSP * Entek CU-56, Entek Plus CU-10

Copper Passivate ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 22 11:51:28 EDT 2002 | philclegg

Has anyone had experience using Copper Passivate coated PWB's, our supplier calls them "flux coated" but as it's an Organic finish is it handled the same as Entek and where can I get details about it?. I have used Entek CU56 & Entek Plus coated PWB's

Re: Entek coating

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 10 22:16:56 EST 1998 | Steve Gregory

Jeremy, I'm gonna make a couple of assumptions by "reading in between the lines" of your email: 1. You're using no-clean paste. 2. This is only happening on the second side. You tell me if I'm wrong about this... First thing, if you're only experienc

Info on OSP PCB�s

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 21:14:10 EDT 2001 | davef

You aren't going to post our stuff on your "Hey, I'm the wizard site", are you? Board fab, Pad coatings, OSP 1 OSPs: Imidazole (Via Systems) is good. Entek (Enthone) works, but requires strict thickness control in fab. 2 Enthone CU56 allows one t


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