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CuOSP and IMM Silver versus HASL

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 31 12:17:56 EDT 2000 | mike weekes

We are considering alternative Board Finishes to our existing HASL process. The HASL effects opens on 25 and 20 mil packages after reflow and we know if the advantages of CuOSP and other alternatives. OUR Concern: Is there a shelf life and handlin

Immersion Silver

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 06 09:20:03 EDT 2004 | michaeljm

My department and I have been working with immersion silver on and off for about four years and we have compiled quite a bit of data for the Alpha and MacDermid immersion silver chemistries. We have not encountered any assembly or storage related is

PCB Surface Finish

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 19 08:15:28 EDT 2003 | rmurtuza

Which is the best surface finish to be used on non- solder mask defined pads in terms of cost and reliability? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various surface finishes such as Ni/Au , Cu OSP , Ni /Pd and HASL.

HASL alternatives

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 18 09:44:38 EDT 2000 | mike weekes

we're considering PWB finishes other than HASL - the uneven plating contributed to defects and the residues exceed our goal for PWB cleanliness. What success have any of you had with CuOSP, Immersion Silver, Gold or other finishes? Did you have to

Re: CuOSP and IMM Silver versus HASL

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 31 21:15:46 EDT 2000 | Dave F

From the SMTnet Library try: http://www.merix.com/resourcecntr/papers/osp.doc http://www.merix.com/resourcecntr/papers/hasl_alt.doc http://www.itm-smt.com/articles.html * "Organic Solderability Preservatives" * "OSPs - Better Living Through Modern Ch

PC Assembly of 0.5mm pitch array Chip Scale Package with HASL fi

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 18 15:48:25 EST 2003 | Subhash Nariani

Hello, Does anyone have experience with the PCB assembly of 0.5mm pitch chip scale packages with HASL finish? Characterization data that you can share? Tribal knowledge has it that the height variations of the solder prevent the use of HASL for fin

Wrinkle solder ball on BGA PKG

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 30 04:23:50 EST 2023 | 012band

I have used LTS (Sn57.6%Bi0.4%Ag) solder balls for soldering on Ni/Au pads, and I have observed a wrinkle pattern on the ball surface. When you attempted soldering on CuOSP substrate pads under the same conditions, the surface appeared normal. Additi

Re: CuOSP and IMM Silver versus HASL

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 31 18:59:55 EDT 2000 | Brian W.

Our customers use OSP, HASL, immersion tin and immersion gold as board finishes. If I recommend a finish to the customer, it is one of the immersion finishes or OSP. Those finishes have the advantage of a flat surface to deposit paste. HASL has va

SIR starting point...?

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 21 22:15:36 EDT 2002 | davef

First, SIR data is heavily dependant on the test pattern selected. Be very careful when comparing the results of resistance readings taken from different geometric patterns. Second, if yer talkin': * Bare boards, yupper. * Finished assemblies impor


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