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Is it just me?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 02 08:23:34 EDT 2014 | rway

Agreed, as long as the customer has the choice. The FSE should not make assumptions that the customer will provide all the tools. When they show up without any tools and no communication with the customer to that effect, the customer has no choice

Business question for you CMers

Electronics Forum | Thu May 18 15:42:17 EDT 2006 | slthomas

In this case we're not the customer of the fabs, OUR customer is. So, our customer provided us with damaged material. However, we can't prove that the damage is the cause of the failure because no one has the expertise to troubleshoot the board adequ

Do you allow manufacturer changes to your PCB design?

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 22 22:38:58 EST 2019 | Elsa

We can provide better suggestions to customers, but customers do not agree, we will make products according to the original design of the customer, otherwise it will cause disputes. There is also a case,we are not sure whether the customer design has

New Customers

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 27 10:01:19 EDT 2007 | dphilbrick

One of my companies BOD members once suggested traveling to potencial customers with $10,000 cash in your pocket.

Custom Component Tape Feeders

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 18 08:21:10 EDT 2007 | davef

Most placement equipment manufacturers produce custom feeders for their users.

Homemade Custom Nozzles

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 04 17:40:26 EDT 2008 | Frank

Do they make custom shaped nozzles or only standard replacement nozzles?

Homemade Custom Nozzles

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 05 07:18:11 EDT 2008 | leemeyer

They will do custom parts. www.cotinc.com

OEM customer lawsuit

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 26 11:24:41 EDT 2018 | applebar

We are a very small EMS that has been sued by a large OEM customer. We built a board, it passed the customer supplied tester, but we had accidentally put a wrong part on it. This was discovered years after we had been placing this part. The cust

Engineering Change Notification - Required Timeline?

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 03 08:06:38 EST 2002 | jax

" The Customer is ALWAYS right! " Actually, some customers require that there product only run on certified production lines. If this is the case, everything sounds normal. If not, your customer is just being critical. If this just started recently,

What do you do ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 14 07:59:47 EDT 2006 | davef

We're guessing you are not the RoHS police. On one hand, your customer knows their business better than you do. On the other hand, getting all the issues with RoHS correct is complicated. So, maybe this was an oversight. Consider telling your cus

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