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Circuit/Trace cutting

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 16 18:06:31 EST 2002 | davef

First, you're correct. Trace repair and rework is not for the faint of heart or novices. Second, our "girls" prefer a dental drill type tool [Dremel Flexshaft], rather than the clumsy Dremel type from Wal-Mart. They also like a vice with a unversa

smd lead forming and cutting

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 10 06:58:48 EDT 2004 | dka123

dear all, kindly guide me for the use of space electronics hardware assembky of PQFPs and Cqfps, how to form the flat pack leads, bend for 240 pins of 20 mil pitch and what are the Mil standards for them.how to cut the lead guards.can we use FP5 elit

I need a pcb cutting machine for separating the aluminum board

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 31 11:06:45 EDT 2017 | capse

Fancort industries offers v-score separation systems. ASYS Group offers sawing and router depanel equipment.

LED (Seven Segment) found with missing segment and dimmer

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 20 08:40:27 EDT 2011 | mosborne1

Umar - This is usually seen when the lead frame in the die attach is cut with a diamond saw instead of a lasar. We have seen this problem years ago from HP 7 segment displays. If you have Enviromental box (tenney box) you can temp cycle them from 0 d

SMT optimization and improvement

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 21 15:24:29 EST 2007 | wavemasterlarry

I saw that software used by our guys. Takes an Army of guys to run it, not worthit to me.

Gold and Palladium Plating

Electronics Forum | Fri May 17 05:12:51 EDT 2013 | ultimatejoker

What is the disadvantage of palladium plating instead of gold plating? I saw many advantage of palladium plating in term of hardness, wear resistance, and price but why most of the PCB Industries still use gold in PCB pad? Thank you

0201 and uBGA

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 23 18:11:10 EDT 2002 | steveb

On an assembly reflowed in air saw the same thing: 0201's with a grainular solder joint, but 0402's and above with perfectly formed joints. Reflow profile all within acceptable tolerances. Reflowing in nitrogen solves this problem, but increases t

Component Obsolescence and Availability

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 31 15:53:23 EDT 2022 | stephendo

And pin outs of both. Once I saw a SOT-6 replaced with a miniSOT-6 (IIRC) The pin outs of the two parts were different. We did make an adaptor board and it wasn't too bad. We populated a panel of the adaptor boards, depanelized them and put them in t

Inspection and splicing

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 21 13:11:25 EST 2006 | SWAG

We have fought with cut-tape way too much. It's always a bad idea. We've tried a couple methods/devices for manual splice with limited success. Before you look into this I would ask them if they could supply you cut tape qty's inslusive of fairly

SPC and Wave

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 15 08:20:44 EDT 2005 | stepheniii

And why do you want to control the process? To prevent defects, I would think. Actually orginally the way I first saw SPC was to reduce inspection. If you are using SPC for plating thickness, you don't have to measure every piece to be confident the

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