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Profiling board

Electronics Forum | Fri May 24 11:24:11 EDT 2002 | yngwie

Pete C, Cyber wolf and JohnW...cheers man...excellent input. But I 'm eager to try the method mentioned by Cyber wolf..sounds very convincing. Let see what is the results later. thanx again and have a nice weekend. /yngwie

Profiling board

Electronics Forum | Mon May 27 18:51:17 EDT 2002 | harotec

Hi Yngwie Have you got a reflow oven yet. If not, forget about complicated profiling with test runs or reflow trackers. We've got a nice oven with integrated temperature-feedback system. You build any profile you want and the oven will adjust its hea

Pick and Place Machine Validation

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 10 12:19:17 EST 2005 | rlackey

Borrow a large hungry dog (or wolf if local wildlife permits) & chain it up in the corner of the office when the salesman comes in. Then look over at it repeatedly whilst talking about your requirements. Feel free to leave him alone for a while...

repeatabilty and measurement for quality

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 10 17:52:30 EDT 2001 | mparker

Are you doing actual measurements of the dummy parts placements? or are you just doing a visual go/no go check? If doing actual measurements, be sure to use mil inch units of measure rather than mm. Mil will give you more accurate readings. mm force

Can anyone tell me that between Mirtek & Kohyoung which AOI machine will be better and why?

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 18 10:42:15 EST 2015 | stevea

The surprise to me with this entire post is why CyberOptics (USA) has never come up in this conversation. The new SQ3000 will change the 3D AOI market for the better with their MRS technology. I have witnessed the image quality from this new sensor


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