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cyber optics 6604098

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 05 12:31:59 EST 2015 | markhoch

Have you called cyber-obitics yet?

cyber optics 6604098

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 04 14:23:54 EST 2015 | emanuel

Any idea where I can get a Cyber Optics model 6604098? It is used in Philips / Assembleon / Yamaha machines. Any help will be highly appreciated

cyber optics 6604098

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 05 12:35:50 EST 2015 | markhoch


cyber optics 6604098

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 09 03:42:50 EST 2015 | robl

Hi, we use Eric from QY in China for repairing our Yamaha/Assembleon and Juki Lasers. We must have sent 15-20 in the last 2 years and they do a good job. Contact details: sales@qy-smt.com Hope that helps, Rob.

cyber optics 6604098

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 05 12:54:46 EST 2015 | emanuel

I found this supplier and several others from China. So far very bad experience, one sent a broken unit, another required bank transfer and only after it was received he claimed he tested the only unit in stock and found it was defective. I was very

Quality control

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 16:13:35 EDT 2001 | seand

Hello Everyone, For QC purposes, there are a couple of methods to both qaulitatively and quantitatively inspect your manufacturing process. For Paste inspcetion, an inline machine like the SE300 by CyberOptics may be appropriate. You may also inco

Cyber KS100

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Sat Jun 21 05:53:41 EDT 2008

CyberOptics SE300

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 01 11:09:45 EDT 2004 | burgosa

We are considering the CyberOptics SE300 for solder paste inspection at post-stencil print. Does anyone have experience with this AOI machine? How it works with small apertures like 0201's and uBGA's? Comments are welcome. Thanks

AOI Inspection equipment for populated PCB's

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 19 03:39:16 EST 2008 | d0min0

Hi, our company evaluated MVP vs ViTechnology vs CyberOptics the choice is CyberOptics series ( one machine pre-reflow one post-reflow )

Cyber Optics SE300

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 25 20:43:26 EST 2013 | garym4569

Does anyone have experience with Cyber Optics SE300 solder paste inspection system. Is this a solid machine? Is the software user friendly? Any info appreciated. Thanks in advance. Gary M

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