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Cyberclean 2000 Stencil Cleaner

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 18 00:51:41 EDT 2009 | halleyjoan

I am having problem on the cleaning of our Cyberclean 2000. There is enough chemical, and the wash pressure is also obtained. Yet after performing a cycle, the stencil is not cleaned. What could be a possible cause of not cleaning the stencil?

Cyberclean 2000 Stencil Cleaner

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 14 08:47:37 EDT 2009 | edmaya33

Try replacing the filters and your problem disappear.

Chemistry for CyberClean

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 28 12:39:22 EDT 1999 | Kenny Vaughn

I have just purchased an EMC CyberClean Series 1000 stencil cleaner(jet spray non-rinsing system). I will be using it to clean misprints, stencils, and residues off of completed prototype assemblies. We are strictly a no-clean process and was looki

Re: Chemistry for CyberClean

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 28 14:00:23 EDT 1999 | Mike Konrad

I would recommend Zestron's Vigon SC200. It does not require a rinse as long as you cleaner is equipped with a wash solution filter to filter out the solids. Zestron # is (888) 999-9116. The toll-free # is frequently busy� If so, try (703) 589-11

Help with Cyberclean 3000 32RF screen cleaner

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 18 10:37:47 EST 2019 | archieb

Hello. My company has a Cyberclean 3000 model 32rf screen cleaner, and we're in need of someone that knows how to get it up and running. We purchased it secondhand from a different company. We have instructions, that don't tell us a whole lot. We thi

PCB Cleaner/washer suggestions

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 06 13:13:10 EDT 2004 | Tarheel

We use a Cyberclean 3000 model 32F for our stencils and misprints.We currently use no-clean, water-clean, and lead free. It's been working great for us for 4 years now...

How do you clean OSP PCB's without washing it off?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 14 14:18:13 EDT 2006 | Kevin W. Parker

We have begun using a PCB with Organic Surface Protectant. We normally run boards with non orgainic protectant. We can wash these boards with our ultrasonic cleaner using Zestron SC202 and a separate Hot/cold rinse system with an air knife. This r

Equipment for new SMT line (MYDATA?)

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 23 13:01:54 EDT 2008 | wschulz

Hey guys, My company is currently looking into developing a SMT line. I have an interesting perspective on this due to the fact that I worked a SMT line for quite a few years as an equipment operator. Now I am an engineer and at a different company

Stencil cleaners.

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 14 13:13:29 EDT 2006 | Kevin W. Parker

I am a tool and process engineer responsible for the cleaning system at Siemens VDO in Huntsville, AL. I have been over this area for more than 8 years. We use EMC Cyberclean 3000RF spray in air cleaners with Zestron SC202 chemistry. At this facil


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