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Cyberoptics Flex ultra HR SIMs calibration

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 24 07:50:36 EDT 2021 | ouaret

we have a Cyberoptics Flex ultra HR machine (model N 8010949). the alignment of camera 1,3,5 and 2,4 is impossible because the images from each Fire wire adapter don't have the same size. we tried to calibrate with the target board, but also unsucce

Cyberoptics Flex AOI SPC

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 27 16:47:55 EDT 2011 | sjs2303

Has anyone any experience with using the latest version of this software? If so I am interested in hearing how you use it to reflect the different metrics for quality reports.

Cyberoptics Flex ultra HR camera alignement and calibration

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 19 21:37:17 EDT 2021 | ouaret

dear all, update: we got that the calibration of SIM is the problem, the distance between SIMs need to be calibrated. can someone help us get the manual that describe on how to calibrate the SIMs? we have a problem with our cyberoptics AOI machine

AOI: Golden Board vs Algorithm Based

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 16 01:25:35 EST 2011 | AAAA

Hi, We are using CyberOptics Flex Ultra for 7 years, and believe me it requires a lot of time to create and tune up the programs. In my opinion, this machine is not suitable for high mix low volume production. Also we have Omron AOI, which is algor

Dream SMT Line

Electronics Forum | Fri May 14 08:30:52 EDT 2004 | pjc

For any application- high-mix, low volume to low-mix high-volume: J.O.T. Automation board handling MPM UltraFlex 3000 printer CyberOptics SE300 3D post print inspector 2x Mydata Synergy II w/ Linear Magazines and Agilis feeders CyberOptics Flex

AOI: Comparisons

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 17 11:44:19 EDT 2004 | rlackey

Hi, does anyone have any real experience in using the following AOI systems (including opinions on support)? Cyberoptics Flex Agilent SJ50 MVP Supra Landrex Optima (Teradyne) Please fight the urge to pass comment or point out the error of my ways i

High-end SPI and AOI?

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 13 22:56:22 EDT 2009 | cpcompany

Can anyone help me recommend or simulate a SPI > and AOI machine that can balance our FUJI NXT 1 > with 14 modules. We are using MPM accela printer. > 200 UPH is our target. > > Here's the PCB > dimension > > length(x) = 399.92mm width(y) = >

AOI System

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 01 13:47:25 EDT 2004 | Tom B

Good Day! I am looking to purchase a Cyberoptics KS-Flex 18 AOI system, I have a couple of question that if you could answer, I would most appreciative. 1) Model and length of time used. Do they use AOI for all pwbs or just the more complex a


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