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Smd broken d9ca

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 10 13:44:23 EDT 2015 | davef

SGS-Thompson makes a something or other labeled "D9CA" Best ... davef

Smd broken d9ca

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 09 14:01:12 EDT 2015 | frankxx

Hi. I'm from germany . I have an car dvd Entertainerin ment system. There is a pcb board for lcd . On this board a smd brocken This is an ic with 5 pins on the top is D9CA. I dont know it. And i didn't found it on google. The lcd are only withe th

Smd broken d9ca

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 10 13:57:02 EDT 2015 | frankxx

Hi danke . If there a link . Can you tell me what a ic this is . Sorry my english are very bad Thanks frankxx


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