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Radial 5 Cannot Connect to UIC

Apr 27, 2018 | Try contacting Dan Chretien at Southwest Automation. He has helped me with our old 6241A UIC axial.

UIC VCD E-Palm/Limit Switch Fault.

Mar 6, 2018 | Contact Dan Chretien at Southwest Automation Consultants. He has helped me with our old UIC axial in

Cleaning a Used (Preowned) Selective Solder Machine

Sep 15, 2015 | Hi Dan, you got the basics, so follow your plan. With these machines the most critical part is th

universal radial 5 cable

May 27, 2015 | Try Dan Chretien at Southwest Automation Consultants. He has helped us with many parts.

Looking for equipment

Feb 26, 2014 |

TO-220 Chip Package - Bridges

Jun 12, 2013 | Dan, Can you upload a picture of the bridging? Why oval pads? Have you considered using round


Dec 4, 2012 | Dan: OSHA is going to expect that you have a safety plan with lockout/tagout, blood bourne pathogen

HS60 component camera

Sep 30, 2010 |

BGA non wetting

Sep 14, 2010 |


Jul 20, 2010 | Dan, If you are starting a library from scratch, it will probably take a while to program on a


Oct 16, 2007 |


Oct 10, 2007 |

Gold Flash with QFN28 problem

Mar 30, 2006 | Not arguing dan, but are you positive that they are not copper? anyway, what is happening is as the

reflo oven settings

Mar 16, 2006 |

MS2 molten solder surfactant

Jan 19, 2006 | Me again - I actually just talked with one of the guys over at P Kay and Dan Feinberg of P Kay will

Wave soldering technology

Dec 14, 2005 | Dan Terstegge's jump site is the BEST. Look here:

Wave soldering

Dec 10, 2005 | Dan Terstegge's jump site is the BEST. Look here:

SMD weights

Dec 7, 2005 |

MY12 tpsys shutdown

Nov 14, 2005 | Dan, The machine is not stuck on some process but shuts tpsys down. It prompts for a status save


Aug 25, 2005 | Agree with Dan - we have had non-plated IC's that are a bit corroded come in and seen similar proble

Shelf Life of Components (solderability)

Feb 18, 2005 | Thanks Dan. Q. to all : any EMS experience like when your Customer audits your facility for manu

Looking for good PIH reference material

Jul 9, 2004 | Start at Dan Terstegge's excellent jump site:

SMT packages that can solder inverted?

Aug 21, 2003 | Dan- We here do double sided reflow: we place one side and reflow....place the other side and refl

Underfill Equipment

Jul 21, 2003 |

UIC Radial Inserter

Jul 11, 2003 | Dan- Quality Reply....thanks Cal

Placement Equipment

Jan 23, 2003 |

Conformal coat training

Nov 10, 2002 |

Handling PCB assy's

Oct 30, 2002 | Dan Generally it is a good practice. If we are doing PTH type assembly or "low end" assembly I wo

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Large PCB Dispensing System

Selective Conformal Coating System